Research:First messages to new users

Duration:  2011-07 – 2011-07
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This page documents a completed research project.

Topic Edit

Who is sending messages to new users, and what tools and scripts are they using? This sprint will break down these figures, particularly along the subjects of:

  • First messages sent to new users

Process Edit

Using a live replicating copy of the English Wikipedia database, these types of first messages can be acquired through a few basic steps:

  1. Get every distinct user_name from enwiki.user
  2. Join enwiki.user.user_name with to get all user talk pages
  3. Join enwiki.revision.rev_page with to get all the first revisions to a user talk page
  4. Parse rev_comment to determine tool and message type (requires a list of all tools, their names, and the automated edit summaries they leave)
  5. Parse rev_user and user_id to determine metadata

Results and discussion Edit



Future work Edit

Does the tool used and/or message type predict retention? Tricky, because tool users are selecting from different populations to begin with.