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20:39, 8 March 2016 (UTC)
EGalvez (WMF)
Education Collab
Duration:  2016-01 – 2016-03
Editor surveys
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This page documents a completed research project.

With the expansion of the Wikipedia Education Program to 70+ countries around the world, there are few resources for education program surveys. Individual programs have developed their own survey tools. This project aims to learn what are the key primary survey data needs for Wikipedia Education Program leaders and to develop a sample survey template which can be applied and reused for education leaders.


This applied research project is mainly descriptive/ethnography with real-world application. The process is as follows:

  • Aggregate a few available education program surveys through outreach
  • Qualitative analysis of survey templates
  • Via on-line discussion, present qualitative analysis results; gather feedback & data about key goals for an education program survey
  • Develop at least one survey template to be translated and used across multiple languages.


Jan-Feb 2016

  • Outreach for surveys


  • Qualitative analysis of surveys
  • Present Findings
  • Online discussion of key survey goals - Onwiki.
  • Develop Education Program template
  • Socialize results & product



Between January and early March 2016, Education program leaders submitted 6 Education Program Surveys (outreach:Category:Education Program surveys).