What are your open access policies?Edit

WMF encourages open access and ties technical, financial and data collection support for research to openness requirements as an incentive for open-access projects. See Wikimedia Foundation support for details.

Where can I download images and media files?Edit

For more information about downloading images and media files see Where are images and uploaded files.

Where can I get RDF data?Edit

Wikipedia data is avaiable in RDF format on DBpedia.

Where can I get page view data?Edit

The best source of page view data are the Pageview statistics collected from Squid logs. WikiStats offers some information about page views based on the same source. Note that these are not unique hits.

Do not use the API to get page view stats as many requests only make it to the Squid cache.

Where can I get unique visitors data?Edit

As of July 2015, unique visitor report by comScore are no longer available. We are looking into new ways to count our visitors.

Browse raw data from the report card here.

Where can I get editor data?Edit

Edit counters:

You can also get a variety of editor data through the API, IRC recent changes feeds, and the Report Card on WikiStats.

Where can I get data about the fundraiser / banners?Edit

The fundraising team is starting to make sanitized data fundraising data available at

Is it OK to spider the website?Edit

It's a very bad idea to spider Wikipedia projects' websites. It puts load on the servers and will take you longer than downloading the project's dump. Use the dumps when possible. If you have to spider the website, spread your requests in time and use low-traffic hours.