Research:Daily edits by bot users

Daily edits by bot users
is a count of the number of edits by flagged bot users on date .
WMF Standard
no parameters
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SET @date = "20140101";

    SUM(revisions) AS revisions
        COUNT(*) AS revisions
    FROM revision
    INNER JOIN user_groups ON
        ug_user = rev_user AND
        ug_group = "bot"
        rev_timestamp BETWEEN @date AND
            DATE_FORMAT(DATE_ADD(@date, INTERVAL 1 DAY), "%Y%m%d%H%i%S") AND
        rev_user > 0
        COUNT(*) AS revisions
    FROM archive
    INNER JOIN user_groups ON
        ug_user = ar_user AND
        ug_group = "bot"
        ar_timestamp BETWEEN @date AND
            DATE_FORMAT(DATE_ADD(@date, INTERVAL 1 DAY), "%Y%m%d%H%i%S") AND
        ar_user > 0
) AS bot_user_revisions;

Daily edits by bot users is a standardized metric used to measure the number of edits saved via flagged bot accounts in a given day. It's used as a proxy for the rate of overall contribution.


Identifying bot accountsEdit

Bot accounts are identified using the bot flag strategy. This allows for straightforward and efficient bot detection, but it is also possible that some unflagged bots will not be counted.

Time lagEdit

As this is a daily metric, a full 24 hours must elapse after the beginning of the date (UTC) in order to calculate an uncensored value.

Edits on deleted pagesEdit

This metric includes edits on existing pages as well as pages that have been or will later be deleted. This allows us to define a metric as stateless, in other words historical values will not change in the future depending on the status of a page (existing/deleted/moved) at the time the metric is computed. Deletion-related activity is tracked via a separate set of metrics.

Edits across all namespacesEdit

This metric counts activity across all namespaces of a project: whether an edit is a new page creation, a revision to an existing page or a draft, a message left on a talk page or a contribution to a Wikiproject, the edit is counted as a contribution to the project. The metrics is agnostic about the quality, size or purpose of the edit. Specific types of contribution are measured via dedicated metrics or breakdowns.