Research:Cloud Services Annual Survey/2019

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The 2019 survey collected feedback from Toolforge project members and Cloud VPS project administrators on how the services offered can be improved to help their development and maintenance needs.


The participants of the survey are the members of the Wikimedia Toolforge project and Cloud VPS project administrators. 1857 participants were contacted via email. The emails were harvested from the Cloud Services' LDAP system ("developer accounts") and the Wikitech database. The final list was created by finding the union of the members of the Toolforge project and all users with "administrator" rights on one or more Cloud VPS projects. Users who have opted-out of email contact by other users in their Wikitech preferences or the survey specific opt-out page were excluded. Specific opt-outs for the Annual Survey can be made by users at wikitech:Annual Toolforge Survey/Opt out.

108 email recipients participated in the survey which represents 6% of those who were contacted.


The 2019 survey was active between 2019-11-25 and 2019-12-13.

Questions and answersEdit

Basic demographicsEdit

About how many years have you used Toolforge?Edit

FIXME! This cohort should be changed to merge Cloud VPS + Toolforge ages or there should be an additional cohort for Cloud VPS age

How many tools have you developed on Toolforge or Cloud VPS?Edit

How many tools do you actively maintain in Toolforge or Cloud VPS?Edit

About how many hours per week do you spend developing or maintaining tools on Toolforge or Cloud VPS?Edit

Which Cloud Services platforms do you use?Edit

Derived from answers to the questions "Are you a member of the Toolforge project?" and "Are you an administrator of one of more Cloud VPS projects?"

Do you use Toolforge or Cloud VPS to run or develop tools?Edit

Additional demographicsEdit

What kinds of tools do you work on?Edit

Which Wikimedia projects are your tools built to work with?Edit

What storage/caching services do you use when running your tools?Edit

Are you a member of the Toolforge project?Edit

Which programming languages do you use on Toolforge?Edit

When you develop a tool, how much of your work developing code to run on Toolforge is done locally on your machine (as opposed to remotely on Toolforge)?Edit

Which source control mechanism do you use to manage your tool's source code?Edit

If we could improve one thing in Toolforge in the next year, what should that be?Edit

Are you an administrator of one of more Cloud VPS projects?Edit

About how many years have you used Cloud VPS?Edit

What do you use Cloud VPS for?Edit

Do you rely on NFS for accessing the same files across different servers?Edit

If we could improve one thing in Cloud VPS in the next year, what should that be?Edit

Wikimedia Cloud Services is one of many providers of cloud computing resources. What made you decide to choose Wikimedia Cloud Services as opposed to other options?Edit

Are you currently employed by the Wikimedia Foundation as an employee, contractor, vendor, or intern?Edit

Qualitative questionsEdit

A series of qualitative questions were asked in order to gauge general satisfaction with Toolforge and Cloud VPS.

When I look for documentation on Wikitech about Toolforge or Cloud VPS I usually find what I was looking for.Edit

The documentation I find on Wikitech about Toolforge or Cloud VPS usually answers my question.Edit

The documentation I find on Wikitech about Toolforge or Cloud VPS is easy to read and understand.Edit

Services provided by Wikimedia Cloud Services, including Toolforge and Cloud VPS, have high uptimeEdit

It is easy to have code run on Toolforge or Cloud VPSEdit

I feel that I am supported by the Cloud Services team when I contact them via, the #wikimedia-cloud IRC channel, or Phabricator.Edit

I receive useful information via the “cloud-announce” and/or “cloud” mailing lists.Edit

Free form responsesEdit

The survey included several free form response sections. Survey participants were told that we would only publicly share their responses or survey results in aggregate or anonymized form.