Research:Breaking into new Data-Spaces/Application survey

CSCW '16 Breaking into new Data-Spaces: Infrastructure for Open Community Science

Basic informationEdit

Please provide your contact information and fill us in on any related interests, knowledge, and skills that you can bring to the CSCW '16 workshop "Breaking into new Data-Spaces". Your responses will be used by the organizing team to inform the workshop agenda.

1. Applicant name

2. Email

3. Twitter handle

4. Primary research affiliation

  • academic - university (1)
  • industry - research lab (i.e. Microsoft Research) (2)
  • industry - applied research (i.e. product team) (3)
  • government - research lab (i.e. National Laboratory) (4)
  • government - applied research (i.e. National Science Foundation) (5)
  • other affiliation (please describe) (6) ____________________

5. Current employer

6. Current title or role

7. Personal website

8. What are your interests related to online communities?

9. What background do you have in data analysis and/or modeling? Please also discuss what tools/programming languages/frameworks you use to process data.

Interests and experienceEdit

What is important to you and what stands in your way?

10. Which online communities have you studied/managed in the past?

11. Which online communities would you like to study/manage in the future?

12. What challenges have you faced in the course of studying/managing online communities?

Suggest a study/dataset to replicate & extend (optional)Edit

At the workshop, we'll be experimenting with replicating/extending a study from past CSCW and related literature. Do you have a study and online community dataset that you would like to highlight and share at the workshop for this purpose? Please provide citation to a paper and URL for here the relevant data can be found below. Nominating your own work is great.

13. Citation to the study to replicate/extend.

14. URL to the data set or a description of it.