Research:Brazil Readers Survey 2011 Findings

The following is taken from the 2011 WIkipedia Readership Survey. For full page of questions, see Research:Wikipedia Readership Survey 2011/Text.

Wikipedia Reader Brazil Report 2011. Note: this was prepared by an outside organization and the suggestions do not necessarily reflect the views of WMF.


  • 51% of Brazil’s readers are likely to recommend Wikipedia to friends, but only 3% of Avid Readers have participated in editing.
  • Brazilian readers are significantly more likely to be concerned with making mistakes during the editing process (25%) or simply not aware of the editing process (21%).

1. Editing habits

In Brazil, only 2% of readers have participated in editing.


2. Reasons for not editing

When asked why they don’t edit Wikipedia, over one third (35%) of Brazilian readers are satisfied with simply reading articles. Additionally, about 1 out of every 5 readers in Brazil didn’t know they can edit (18% Avids, 20% Casuals).



When asked which factors that would encourage readers to contribute content, over a third of Brazilian readers, especially Avids (41% Top 2 Box) prefer knowing other people will benefit from their input. Readers would also like an interface that would make it easier to edit overall (33%), followed by recommendations on topics that would interest their peers (32%).

Brazilian Wikipedia users wanted many of the suggested features more so than compared to the all Country global reader averages, as indicated below.  


  1. "Avid readers" read Wikipedia at least 4 times a month.
  2. "Casual readers" read Wikipedia 3 or fewer times a month.