Research:Article feedback/Samples

The Article Feedback Tool (v.4) was enabled in July 2011 to the entire English Wikipedia. In December 2011, a pilot of AFT v.5 will be deployed to a small fraction of articles of the English Wikipedia. Articles for the AFT v.5 pilot are selected via two categories.

List 1. Random sampleEdit

The first list of articles consists of a random sample of 0.3% of all articles from the English Wikipedia as of December 13, 2011. This list only includes "content" articles and excludes redirects. The full list of titles of articles in this sample can be downloaded from this page. Supplementary articles should not be added to this list, as it is used for the purpose of quantitative analysis as a representative sample of the English Wikipedia.

List 2. Additional articlesEdit

The second list of articles consists of a number of manually selected articles. Supplementary articles that do not belong to the random sample category can be added to this list. This list includes in particular a selection of:

High-traffic, semi-protected articlesEdit

(see: category of semi-protected pages on enwp)

High-traffic, non semi-protected articlesEdit

Articles on controversial topicsEdit

(from most reverted articles of enwiki):

Trending topicsEdit

Articles from the 2012 US presidential campaign, including all candidates, that will get a lot of sustained attention (as well as edits) in the next couple of months