Research:Article feedback/Clicktracking/Timeline

AFT5 v.1 launched
Initial activation of clicktracking bugzilla:32992
Random sample doubled in size
Clicktracking data was not being correctly logged. Patch deployed by Roan and logger re-enabled.
Missing data for period 2011-12-20 - 2012-01-04
Bug found in AFT option 3 which caused AFT to fail silently when user attempted to submit a comment without a rating (ca 25% of comments missing).
Widget and CTA events data not reliable for option 3 for period 2012-01-05 - 2012-01-09 (12pm PST)
Released feedback link and overlay widget
Activated new clicktracking events
Bug found in the AFT5 loader, affecting which clicktracking placement id to use. Overlay impressions were recorded as bottom impressions. Patch written by Reha and deployed by Sam.
All clicktracking logs affected by this bug up to 2012-01-17 (11:30 PST)
SOPA blackout, AFT still enabled on a number of additional articles.
Missing data for period 2012-01-17 (9pm PST) - 2012-01-18 (9pm PST) for all articles other than those related to SOPA
Clicktracking accidentally disabled due to ops work at 10am PST. Filter re-enabled by Diederik in the afternoon.
Missing data on 2012-01-26 (10am - 6:30pm PST)
Survey CTA enabled at 100% (12pm PST)
Deployed patch to make event count for optionN-triggerD-click-overlay match count for optionN-impression-overlay. Until this deployment an impression logged for the bottom widget before a click on the trigger would not result in a second impression captured when displaying the overlay widget.
Survey CTA disabled (12pm PST), edit CTA restored at 100%
Bug found that prevented *-cta_edit-button_click-* events from being logged. Patch deployed at 3pm PST. All logs since launch up to this deployment have 0 records for this event, despite having successfully tracked edit CTA impressions, edit attempts and edit completions.
Entirely disabled AFT4 signup and survey CTA, leaving only the edit CTA running; disabled sampling for AFT4 clicktracking: AFT4 edit CTA events are now logged at 100%; added page_titles and rev_ids to all AFT5 CTA and edit events (3.30pm PST)
Deployed the new feedback links (Option A and Option E); found bug that affects all CTA events in AFT5 and all events coming from Option X. A fix has been written and will be deployed on March 28. Clicktracking and AFT data are not usable between March 21 and the next deployment.