Research:Article editing dynamics

Some studies have explored the dynamics of editing and how certain patterns of contribution are more likely to lead to high quality articles than others.

A history flow visualization[1] of en:Treaty of Trianon is presented.
History flow example. A history flow visualization[1] of en:Treaty of Trianon is presented.

Related workEdit

  • [1] developed a visualization technique to show the development of article content over time. This visualization makes certain types of editor behavior -- e.g. edit warring -- highly visible.
  • [2] showed that talk pages serve a key role in negotiating article content.
  • [3] found that articles with a small group of highly active editors and a large group of less active editors were more likely to increase in quality than articles whose editors contributed more evenly. They argued that this is due to the lower coordination cost when few people are primarily engaged in the construction of an article.
  • [4] challenged the conclusions of [3] by showing a strong correlation between diversity of experience (global inequality) between editors who are active and positive changes in article quality.
  • [5] todo


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