Research:Account creation campaigns

Dario Taraborelli

This page documents a research project in progress.
Information may be incomplete and change as the project progresses.
Please contact the project lead before formally citing or reusing results from this page.

This is a list of account creation campaigns that are currently being tested on the English Wikipedia in the context of editor engagement experiments. Account creations are logged by passing a campaign=foo parameter to the account creation landing page.

List of campaigns


Since campaigns can be run by anyone, (all they have to do is add a query string to the URL), this list is not comprehensive. However, we are attempting to keep a log of relevant Wikimedia campaigns as best we can. In general, when surveying campaign data, analysts should always be sure to limit the scope of their query to a known timeframe for a given campaign.

Key Campaign Active Start End
aft5_cta4 Article Feedback v5: Sign-up call-to-action Y still coming in
p2pu Peer 2 Peer University: old Sign-up call-to-action, was part of discontinued Customizing user signup pages Y still coming in
fr12a Donor engagement: Thank you message referral N
fr12b Donor engagement: Landing page for editor campaign banner N
fr12c Donor engagement: Editor campaign banner N
fr12d Donor engagement: Donor survey referral N
VE Visual Editor landing page referral Y
loginCTA The "Join Wikipedia" call to action Y soon
anoneditwarning in MediaWiki:Anoneditwarning
Graphed in "New account registrations (anonymous edit CTA)"
Y 20130619 on enwiki, 20130625 on ruwiki, eswiki, dewiki, frwiki, plwiki, ptwiki, itwiki, jawiki, zhwiki
semiprotectednotice in MediaWiki:Protectedpagetext on enwiki Y 20130619
anonwelcometemplate in welcome templates for anonymous editors, on enwiki Y 20130622
mobile_watchPageActionCta People that clicked the Watchlist call to action on mobile ? ?
mobile_uploadPageActionCta People that clicked the Upload call to action on mobile ? ?
mobile_editPageActionCta People that clicked the Edit call to action on mobile ? ?

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