Research:Account creation UX/Round one

Definitions Edit

In order get a more accurate look at the impact on individuals, we deduplicated this initial dataset by using the set of anonymous token, bucket, and event. This assumes that tokens are always valid, and that one bucket applies to each token. Errors in assignment of any of these variables would reduce the accuracy of the data.

  • Bucket: which version of the account creation page the user received
  • Assignments: bucket assignments
  • Impressions: all tracked page views, deduplicated
  • Submits: submission attempts on the form, deduplicated
  • Creations: successful account creations
  • Conversion: account creations as a percent of dedup'd impressions
  • Success rate: account creations as a percent of dedup'd submits

Results Edit

Bucket Assignments Impressions Submits Creations Conversion Success rate
Control 24518 24515 8600 (35.08%) 7028 28.7% 81.7%
ACUX_1 24443 24439 8714 (35.66%) 7374 30.2% 84.6%