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These are not needed for this project, or finished with. They are of interest for tracking what got done, and for catching up on other matters of interest.

Of future interest

  • w:en:WP:Wikipedia Signpost/2005-03-21/Best_or_worst -- Berners-Lee confirms that wikis were part of his vision of the Web
  • w:en:WP:Wikipedia Signpost/2016-01-13/News and notes -- Community objections to new Board trustee Arnnon Geshuri, who participated in arranging mutual non-recruitment between Google, Apple, and other big tech employers, and discussed in writing the possibility of retaliating against Facebook for not participating ; WMF announced launch of the Wikimedia Endowment, targeting US$100M over the next 10 years, to ensure the financial security and longevity of the organization ; WMF complied with demands from the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign to remove several logos, citing DMCA ; later this "DMCA takedown" request was withdrawn by the filer, and the images were brought back. The spat was covered in ArsTechnica, Jan 15 ; WMF January Metrics and Activities Meeting video here.

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