Research/Wikipedia as a learning community

About this page edit

This page was set up to prompt a discussion on Wikipedians' experiences of the community and project. It is to feed into an M.Ed. dissertation on "Wikipedia as a learning community". If you have any feelings on the questions below or the general topic, please add your piece here or email me at cormaggio (at) Confidentiality is assured if you contact me by email unless you specify otherwise - though obviously that doesn't necessarily apply in a wiki. Thanks. Cormaggio 17:49, 7 May 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Questions edit

  • Have you had a conflict of opinion/belief with anyone on Wikipedia? Describe the nature, process and outcome of it, and your feelings on the matter.
  • Have you ever left or considered leaving Wikipedia? Why? Did anyone influence your decision to stay/leave?
  • What motivates/motivated you to work on Wikipedia?
  • Comment on interpersonal dynamics in Wikipedia.
  • Have you made (m)any friends or enemies in Wikipedia? Elaborate
  • Comment on power relations and structure within Wikipedia.
  • What are Wikipedia’s greatest challenges, and how do you see them being addressed?
  • Is one more important than the other between content and community in Wikipedia? Give reasons and/or examples.
  • To what extent are minority views held or listened to in Wikipedia?
  • To what extent are criticisms absorbed by Wikipedia/Wikipedians?
  • Can you summarise your experience of Wikipedia in terms of your personal background and how it has affected you?

If you are completing this by email, it would be helpful if you include semi-identifying details like age, sex, length of time on Wikipedia, and Wikimedia projects participated in. Also could you make it clear in the subject of the email that it is related to this research? Thanks. Cormac/Cormaggio