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This discussion was created before the implementation of the Language proposal policy, and it is incompatible with the policy. Please open a new proposal in the format this page has been converted to (see the instructions). Do not copy discussion wholesale, although you are free to link to it or summarise it (feel free to copy your own comments over). —{admin} Pathoschild 00:06, 16 December 2006 (UTC)
Proposal summary
  • Language details: Tokelauan (tkl ISO 639-3)
  • Editing community: Belgian man, Alekseo
    List your user name if you're interested in editing the wiki. Add "N" next to your
    name if you are a native speaker of this language.
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  • Speakers: 4500 in Tokelau, American Samoa, New Zealand and the United States
  • Notes/comments:
    • Please, quit requesting languages anonymously without leaving any contact information.
      • Related to Samoan. Ask sm to host Tokelauan? Scott Gall 05:27, 14 May 2005 (UTC)
        • Would you quit it already, Scott? One Wikipedia never hosts another. They are either separate or they aren't. And English is related to German... but they have separate Wikipedias. And also, quit requesting Wikipedias for no particular reason. gosh. --Node ue 21:01, 16 May 2005 (UTC)
          • Node, it wasn't Scott who requested the WP in Tokelauan, it was an anonymous IP. And also, if you say one WP never hosts another, the Chinese WP is hosting a simplified Chinese and a traditional Chinese WP. NazismIsntCool 08:55, 20 May 2005 (UTC)
            • No, they have automatic conversion software. They're considered to be the same language, written in "different alphabets" so to speak --Node ue 16:49, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)
              • So that means if you vandalise one bit, it applies to the other bit (not that I know enough Chinese to vandalise it.) Scott Gall 01:06, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC) PS: And the simplified and traditional wikis used to be separate.
            • Very good. But the reason there are separate wikis in English (obviously) and German is because they aren't as related as Samoan and Tokelauan are. Scott Gall 10:50, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC)
              • Scott, you have caused so much frustration on this page. One Wikipedia hosting another language is never an option. After how many times people have answered similar questions from you, you should know this very well by now. fi: will not host Karelian. Ukrainian and Russian are closely related. Separate Wikipedias. Dutch and Plattdeutsch are closely related. Separate Wikipedias. Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian are nearly identical. Separate Wikipedias. Gujarati and Hindi are very close, yet there are still separate Wikipedias. Hawai'ian and Samoan are very close. Separate Wikipedias. OK? DO YOU GET IT NOW? --Node ue 16:49, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)
                • Of course. They have their differences, not being COMPLETELY mutually intelligible. Scott Gall 06:18, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC) PS: I thought Gujarati was Dravidian instead of Indo-European. PPS: You forgot Romanian and Moldovan - but the Moldovan wiki is in Cyrillic script for those who still prefer to write their tongue in that script.
                  • I thought Gujarati was Dravidian instead of Indo-European as well (this not to be compared to my former inability to tell between Budapest and Bucharest or Moldavia and Moldova.) Also, Irish and Scottish Gaelic are almost the same - separate WPs. Romanian and Aromanian are similar - separate WPs. Malay and Indonesian... I think we know. NazismIsntCool 23:22, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)
                    • If you did every example, yes, you would make the page go over 32KB, eg. many Spanish speakers wouldn't want Catalan on their WP, Inuktitut spakers wouldn't want Kalaalisut (Greenlandic) or Inupiaq on their WP, Tok Pisin speakers wouldn't want Hiri Motu on their WP, Danish speakers wouldn't want Swedish on their WP, Esperanto speakers wouldn't want Interlingua on their WP, etc (etc because I don't want to be too much harder on this page :-) .) Scott Gall 07:42, 26 Jun 2005 (UTC) PS: Is Esperanto related to Interlingua not taking into account the fact they're both constructed?
              • Also, on the topic of similar languages, Estonian and Voro are ALMOST the same, except that the second letter in the Estonian word for "dictionary" is an o but in Voro, the second letter in the word for "dictionary" is a y. However, they both start in s?n. NazismIsntCool 10:57, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC) PS: On the subject of the language being requested in this part, having never been to Tokelau, I don't even know any Tokelauan, so you won't see my support vote here.
    • Support Belgian man 21:04, 3 Jul 2005 (UTC)
    • Support --Taichi - (あ!) 21:06, 29 April 2006 (UTC)
    • This request is actually useless, IMHO. There are < 4000 speakers of this language. If some of them want a Wikipedia - sure! But as long as that's not the case - why even talk about it?? - Arbeo 13:57, 4 May 2006 (UTC)
    • Support! The fact that there are <4000 speakers is a reason to help it. And what better when than publicising it on a free, open encyclopedia! Those who speak the language, such as myself, will be keen to help in order to protect it from extinction! I'm currently updating the en: Tokelauan ...
      • Just to make sure I'm not misunderstood: My point was not that an open encyclopedia in Tokelauan would be useless because it's such a small language - quite the contrary! What I meant was that discussing such a project without the involvement of people who speak the language is somewhat academic. ARBE0 21:42, 31 May 2006 (UTC)
    • Oppose How many Tokelauan speakers on Tokelau island have access to the internet? In fact, this "language" is a mere dialect of Samoan. This language could basically become 'extinct' within the next few decades as their three tiny islands gradually disappear due to rising sea levels and increased immigration overseas. Therfore I oppose as long as no native speakers support this idea. -- Phillip, 07:23 Tuesday 6 June 2006 (UTC)
Do you know about the .tk Internet domain? .tk is for Tokelau; and the idea about the archipielago dissapear is totally ridicolous, many speakers are in New Zealand.--Taichi - (あ!) 08:19, 6 June 2006 (UTC)
Indeed. According to Ethnologue, 1373 speakers live in New Zealand, only 1405 in Tokelau, 100 in American Samoa and some in the USA. Belgian man (nl na en) 17:39, 6 June 2006 (UTC)
  • Support Aeetlrsk 23:21, 6 June 2006 (UTC)
  • Oppose with fire stop requesting Wikipedias without native speakers. - FrancisTyers 20:01, 14 June 2006 (UTC)
  • Oppose First get other Wikipedias in Oceanic languages up and running before you request new ones, especially when the speaker base is so small and you have found no willing contributors who speak it natively. Steinbach (formerly Caesarion) 17:39, 21 June 2006 (UTC)
  • Support. After all, it is a real language. Blue caterpillar 20:54, 26 July 2006 (UTC)