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Requests for comment/Admin AMD's abuse from Azeri wikipedia

Admin AMD's abuse from Azeri wikipediaEdit

Hi, I'm Vusal1981 from azeri wikipedia. I have 2 requests

1)I would like to ask you to check the results of voting in this page. [[1]]. Admin AMD counted this voting and commented that there was not enough votes. But according to my counting and voting rules Pro votes was 2\3 and everthing was OK. So I think that admin AMD used his authority.

2)As a result of conspiracy theory with the users Aruz, Uannis AMD blocked me on the 2nd january and made me to quit my activity in azeri wiki. The reason was my non-implementation of copyright tags and etc. But I said that I was alone and would do all of them in the recent future. But AMD didnt listen to me and blocked me. Please watch my last year's activity and come to the right conclusion. Last year my edit account was 48000 and I love wiki. But after AMD's prompt user Uannis began to attack on my pages and sent the files for deletion which I uploaded without any discussion. AMD is not democratic admin. Everytime he prompted the users Uannis (who was blocked in turkish wiki forever), Aruz (who was not active since aprel 2007) to go against me. In this situation I can not work in that wiki. Azeri wikipedia needs alternative admin from metawiki to watch all illegal behaviours of admin AMD and the other above-mentioned users. I believe in that you will solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

--Vusal1981 02:34, 3 January 2008 (UTC)



  • Have you tried to resolve the conflict about the number of votes with the others through dialogues?
  • It would be helpful if you
    • Invite the other parties in the dispute to come here to comment
    • provide translations to some of the comments on the voting page
    • explain why some of the votes are struck out

Hillgentleman 03:57, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

i red this page . i think the conclusion was right ! there is 7 suporter if front of 5 opposer ! so i think there is not enough vote for being sysop. also i should say some opposer havent been active for long time and suddenly come in the middle of voting ! but the have right to vote. --Mardetanha 13:32, 3 February 2008 (UTC)