Requests for comment/User:VasilievVV&Ramir abuse at ruwikibooks

The following request for comments is closed. The request was eventually archived as inactive.

Please remove bureaucrat and sysop access from b:ru:User:Ramir.

  • Ramir has been already desysoped in Russian Wikipedia because of No Personal Attacks rule violation, wheelwarring, vandalism, POV-pushing using page protection;
  • Ramir removes index template [1] [2] [3]. Then, he blocked me with the following reason: triple hooliganizm (see above), threatening, no contribs (I'm writing my book now. Nevertheless, he can't block me because of small contribs);
  • He had moved project pages like forum, books list into the main namespace. After attempts to move it back, he protected these pages with the following reason: activeness of hooligans (VasilievVV, anonymous user, Roman Bekker);
  • Ramir Ignores other NPA violations, like this (user was blocked, because of threats to Ramir. There is nothing about personal attacks in block reason)
  • He had set his own design, ugly translations and text justifying by default, which is not good for other users;
  • Ramir removes messages from his user talk [4]. These messages were new, he didn't archive them.
  • Ramir deleted talk page of one of blocked user [5]. It is an attempt of hiding discussions.