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Requests for comment/Tagging for maintenance top of the page or bottom mrwiki

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Statement of the ProblemEdit

  • There has been many on and off discussions and debates around where to put the maintenance tag on the page, on the top or bottom on mrwiki but it never got to the level of policy making or MOS policy making.
  • To get wider opinions on this issue I want to put this on the table here, So that we can get opinions from other wikipedia projects too.
  • As I have seen in many wikis other than Marathi wiki, everywhere the maintenance tags were at the top of the page. So that the reader and editor of that page can read the possible issues the particular page may have. And
    • Readers can judge the reliability of the text and decide how to go about it.
    • Editors can get involved and try and improve the page content.
  • This is how the logic behind tagging those pages at top works, everywhere as per my understanding.
  • Now only few editors on mrwiki been opposing the placement of the tags on top and instead of that they want it to the bottom and the reason they have with them is we don't want to spoil the image or whatever of the particular wikiproject.
  • This is been one of the unresolved issues on mriwki.

Me/many like me thinkEdit

  • The tags should be at the top and we should be very clear about the quality of the text in the pages there is no shame in the assessment of pages through such tags.
  • So, I started translating the maintenance tags which were relavant for mrwiki and started tagging articles with them. Specially those pages without any refs. And I had to stop in between as the debate again came on the talkpages about the proper location of the tags.
  • Once we have enough inputs here, I can propose a policy on mrwiki around this.

I would like to know from other wikisEdit

  • What should be the location and why?
  • Do we have any global policies/standards on this?

Thanks in Advance. QueerEcofeminist (talk) 19:54, 4 January 2019 (UTC)