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申请和提议 征求意见 (全域问题,或用于其他项目) 存档
征求意见 (缩写为RFC)是对提议和申请征求更广泛意见的过程。这对于范围广泛的政策更改通常是必需的。这也有助于让其他维基项目上的冲突或未解决的问题得到更多意见和关注,以便解决问题。 Add a link to the proposal page or disputed page or create a new subpage requesting comments here (please use {{Rfc subpage}}). Anyone is welcome to give his or her opinion on the requests listed below. See also: all RfC pages and more Wiki-wide elections and votings.
For local Meta-Wiki issues please use the local process Meta:Requests for comment instead.
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