Requests for comment/EDP on Afrikaans Wikipedia

The following request for comments is closed. The request was successfully resolved.


The Afrikaans Wikipedia does not currently have an Exemption Doctrine Policy. The community voted on the issue, but the voting coordinator (and our only bureaucrat) decided that a 6 for/4 against result isn't convincing enough and suggested that the issue is discussed further ([1] and [2]).

Two users have, however, decided that a 6-4 result is a clear indication that images should be allowed under the "fair use" principle and have started uploading such images. I have explained to them that even if we did accept the use of such images, they should not be uploaded until an Exception Doctrine Policy has been created and approved by the Afrikaans Wikipedia community and possibly the Wikimedia Foundation.

They then stated that the Afrikaans Wikipedia uses the same policies as the English one anyway and it should be no different in this case. I agreed that this may be true to some degree, but that such an EDP is a project-specific policy as per [3] and that, while we can consider adopting the English policy and presenting it at our own site, we still need to do this, in other words, we do have to have our own [4] (see "Nie-vrye beelde"). Also, according to the Licensing Policy, we would have to adapt it, if necessary, to also be in agreement with South-African (and possibly Namibian) copyright law.

My claims have gone largely ignored and non-free images are still being uploaded even though we do not have an EDP in place.

(translations of above discussions could be provided if deemed absolutely necessary)


I would appreciate someone other than me confirming (in our talk corner) the above statements. I have been met only with opposition and no support from any other users, which is why I brought the issue here. (I'm obviously certain of my interpretation of the Licensing Policy as passed by the Foundation.)

Thank you for your time, Anrie 07:27, 7 September 2007 (UTC) (af:User:Anrie at the Afrikaans Wikipedia).


I have managed to solve the problem. Anrie 14:33, 12 September 2007 (UTC)