Requests for comment/Celalettin vatandaş

The following request for comments is closed. Closed as inactive. StevenJ81 (talk) 14:53, 7 November 2017 (UTC)[reply], abusement of the sysop authorization and instant deleting of a discussion page about a former article erased improperly


( Houston, we have problem.. I am not sure, if I am in the right page. Just help me to move it, if I am wrong. Already I have make an application of steward request. Excuse me if I you think that I waste your time and digital space in our server. By the way, I cannot correct the date. Am I a looser?))

I struggled for creating an article for a credible Turkish Scholar "celalettin vatandaş", but without considering enough, Turkish member kibele proposed it to be deleted. Voting and the deletion of the logs of discussion of voting within just 36 hours,is another matter. It was about the general problem of pressure and harrassment against new members and the problem of cencorship against new articles in, becuse of power struggle and biased manner of Turkish sysops. I begun a RFC page about this issue.

The new matter is about my new attempt to create a discussion page for "Celalettin vatandaş". The discussion content was entirely new and it was an invite for users, to discuss the deleting of the article and related general problems. However, the user "Eldarion" instantly deleted the discussion page. This is absolutely abusement of personel authorization. The member even tolarate the freedom of speech and proposal of ideas. This user even reject to listen others. What about our wiki ideals? Okurogluselo (talk) 11:35, 29 May 2015 (UTC)[reply]