Requests for comment/Administrator abuse on Central Kurdish Branch Wikipedia

The following request for comments is closed. user withdrawn, taking further discussions to local wiki--▸ épine talk 10:30, 22 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Case Detail edit

In the Central Kurdish Branch (CKB) Wikpedia, the sysops User:Épine has misused his privileges as a sysops and blocked me from the Wikipedia after having a discussion on the Village Pump page.

Thwe background of the problem is as follows: Multiple complaints have been recorded against User:Épine for misusing his privileges in determining discussions and enforcing non-approved policies locally. The entire community out there is in disagreement with his way of dealing with the Wikipedia and its policies. One active user of the community complained to remove the sysops right from him in [1] and several other sysops and active members where in agreement with the idea that the user Épine has to behave. Just yesterday, after a disagreement on the policies, ناوێت he declared that he wants his sysops rights to be removed and accused me and some other members of Sock puppetry just because we disagree with him. As a result, I defended myself and talked to him very seriously on his issues. On my last note, he blocked me for no obvious reason.

I have been an active member of the CKB wikipedia for 9 years and contributed with more then 6,000 edits and 250+ articles. I have been with the Wikipedia from the beginning. Disagreement with my opinions gives him no right to block me. He has tagged my blocking with "Harassment and Uncivilized" just because I disagree with him. He has very clearly accused me of sock puppetry and BEING a puppet of another user.

I sincerely ask you resolve this conflict as it is unbearable to use sysops rights for personal matters.

--Broosk (talk) 17:50, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]


Sysops User:Épine has deleted the history of his request to remove him as a sysops in which he described me and several other users as puppets and conductors of socket puppetry. This raises several question marks on his behaviors. I ask for immediate actions to be taken. He uses his delete rights to clear the history in which he made mistakes and wrongfully accused good members of the community of horrible actions. --Broosk (talk) 17:58, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

I have not called him a sockpuppet exactly, I called him a meatpuppet because he was siding with another user in a conflict and contributed to the conflict more. I deleted the history of the page because I was called names and were insulted by this user, and i will request an oversight to completely remove those from the logs. We are working towards a solution locally and the conflict with the other user has been solved. Broosk is blocked on ckb temporarily.
To add to this, I was called a 'child' and an infant, and there was never 'multiple complaints' against me, there was just one with user هیوا which has been resolved, and this user is only flaming the fire more. The cause of block was for violating the civility and harassment policies. Central Kurdish Wikipedia has been running on the same policies as the English Wikipedia since the beginning and here is proof, the only thing i did was translating the policies into Kurdish. There has never been a consensus to add local policies (except in some cases, such as removal of Sysop rights from inactive users written by @Calak:) because the Wikipedia is small and we've been following the same guidelines and policies as the English Wikipedia. Once again, we are working on resolving the issues, but this user is building a case against me and he claimed that he "will kick me out of Wikipedia with the help of MediaWiki."
On another last note, at least until someone else comments, I have withdrawn from the revocation of my admin rights, I just wanted to gain community comments on the situation, and a user named ئارام بکر was against the idea of leaving the Kurdish Wikipedia and has advised me to take a break until the situation is calmed down--which i was willing to do after my last comment, but then he proceeded to insult me and call me names like 'child'. 'coward' (for refusing to communicate with him outside Wikipedia) and an 'infant.' other admins are mostly inactive and appear to refuse to enforce the blocking policy. I have every right to defend myself against Broosk and his insults. The calim he made about another user asking for my admin rights to be revoked is false: his complaint is archived and can be seen here and it is not deleted like he claimed, only his insults are. As you can see, the issue has been resolved and the user complained about me removing his autopatrol rights, which i had at the time because he kept adding unsourced content even after notifying him on multiple occasions, so then it would be easy for me and the new page patrollers to review the articles and requests sources for validity. The user added sources and his rights were given back to him earlier today, and he closed the case.--▸ épine talk 18:37, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
Let me elaborate on a couple of points that User User:Épine has made above. First off, it's clear that he considers opposition to his opinions to be an act of meatpuppet. This shows his dictatorial stance on opposing point of views. It has to be very clear that neither have I sided with any member nor do I am a meatpuppet of any one. This accusation is overly insulting. The entire community at CKB can witness that I tried very neutrally to meddle in the conflict he had with user ھیوا and I have very clearly called for calm discussions to resolve the issue. The user ھیوا was very upset for taking away his autopatrol right and stated that he will not remain silent. The entire community tried to seek a local resolution, including myself. Therefore, I contacted both ھیوا and Épine on twitter to talk about the issue and try to calm them down. The user ھیوا respectfully accepted my meddling and I tried to calm him down. Épine on the other hand stated in a "direct message" on Twitter that he will ban ھیوا globally from Wikipedia and that he is awaiting to see his complaint on the OTRS (since he is a volunteer there) to see how ھیوا will file a complaint. His response on Twitter was so immature that I ceased to reply him.
On Wikipedia, on the other hand, I have tried several times to meddle between both ھیوا and Épine. The situation was intensifying so much that I have made reasonable changes to one of the articles created by ھیوا so that Épine will not create further problems. (The edit summary translates: "I hate iPhones but I wanted to extinguish the fire (as to calm down the intensified dispute). Later in the talk page of Kendra Lust article I have shown my opposition to the speedy deletion of the article (which some other sysops are in agreement with). The talk page I have references escalated the issue between Épine and members such as Amine yousefi and Eyubm (who are both active members). The former was so upset that he/she added a template to her page that she is so upset with the policies that we have on Wikipedia which everyone at the community knows is another phrase for "Épine is a dictator and not a sysops". In the same talk page, one user (Eyubm) complained that all that Épine was doing recently is to add "Template:Unreferenced" to articles. This statement made Épine file for "Receding Sysops Rights" on the Village Pump, which he has deleted. In his opening paragraph, he attacked me and other members and called us meatpuppets (while citing Socket Puppetry) article on CKB. Up to that point, I have tried to be very nice with him. Now that he falsely accused me with puppetry JUST BECAUSE I DISAGREE, I have told him what he needs to hear very openly. A day later, he regretted his request to banish his rights as a sysops and saw the chance to use his privileges against me, who has been very bold against his dictatorship. Finally, he blocked me.
Once Again, I have stated that his behavior at the Wikipedia is "childish and immature" and I believe creating the dramatic scene that I have described above just shows what I have said is true. He falsely, out of the thin air, accused me of meatpuppetry, repeatedly created a scene that made Wikipedians at CKB very uncomfortable, argued how superior he is because he has 20,000+ edits compared to others with less contribution and used the same argument to convince the community that his wrongdoings are justified, claimed in edit summary that he is "upset and done with the Wikipedia. Go ahead and make a lawless place. You all want that. When later your Wikipedia is mentioned, people will laugh. Kurds do not deserve anything and deleting his edit along with the edit summary, and several other similar actions. I leave that to your judgement to see who is really making things worse? I sincerely ask you to take his actions into consideration and observe how dictatorial he is.
Last but not least, claiming that we can solve this issue locally is just baseless. I am blocked from everything at CKB. How am I supposed to engage in any discussion if I can write my opinions. I leave this to Wikimedia's judgement (which by the by is the same thing I referenced when I told Épine that WE will kick you out be resorting to Wikimedia).

--Broosk (talk) 21:02, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

@MF-Warburg:, @Calak:, @Aza:, @Ruslik0:, @There'sNoTime:, @Pirehelokan:,@Tegel:, @Rxy: I very much appreciate it if you could look into the case --Broosk (talk) 21:23, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Hello. I was aware of the problem and I’m not happy that the conflict has reached this level. Anyway, it is a natural thing for users to have some conflicts between them. This is not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last. There was arguments between other users as well, which have been solved since. I’m not against either of the involved users and I’ve said many times that I’m against pushing away Wikipedia contributors. Épine and Broosk are both very active in the community (check the statistics from September) which is great that with few contributors we are more active than last months. I hope Épine undo the Broosk's temporary blocking and Broosk contribute more effectively again. I hope you value my opinion, thank you. -- ئارام بکر (talk) 21:38, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
There is no “several other users” as @Broosk: mentions who I “accused” of meatpuppetry. The comment was solely directed towards him. I did say, and was at the moment sure, that I would quit Wikipedia because of the constant harassment I endured for enforcing the policies, but then I withdrew from such thing. After Broosk knew that I was willing to completely give up Wikipedia, he started his long paragraphs of insults and name calling, by that time I wirthdrew the topic of me leaving Wikipedia and reverted my change to my userpage that said “this user will no longer be active on Wikipedia [...]” and tagged the section which I posted my message on with the discussion withdrawn tag, where he proceeded to ignore the message that says “do not edit this section” in red, included in the template by default, to state his personal and toxic insults. He messaged me on Twitter to give him my personal contact information (my phone number) which I have refused and took a stance and stated that all my actions were in accordance with the Wikipedia policies and if ھیوا would not stop targeting me I would take the case to stewards so they will not only block him locally but globally as well to stop him from harassing other users for enforcing the policies. I said I’m an OTRS and I will wait to see how he takes his complaint forwards as I did expect accusations being made about me, so that I can privately discuss them with the appropriate OTRS members and present a case to stewards, as an OTRS, all the tickets I’ve handled always remained private because I signed the confidentiality agreement with Wikimedia and everyone else know, for a fact, that I would not share confidential information. He gets it across like I do, which is completely far from the truth and made up.
On the other hand, In no argument I have claimed that I was superior to anyone because of my number of edits, I claimed that I was more experienced because of them. Which is true. Everyone in the community would agree. I’m more active within the community and more experienced than you to know that the policies and guidelines I’m enforcing as an administrator are all beneficial to Wikipedia. In the edit summary, what I said was exactly because of what you said: you want to make changes in the verifiability and source statement policies so that it would reflect your own views and we won’t be able to delete your unsourced contributions. That’s what I meant by the lawless encyclopedia. I said that Kurds do not deserve anything because I was mad at the fact that no other sysop would enforce the policies the same way as I have, if you’re trying to make this racial, I’m a Kurd myself, and you can’t. After I realized that I overreacted, I reverted my page to it’s original state and left the idea of abandoning Wikipedia behind. Here, he takes the opportunity and thinks I have revoked my administrator rights and starts throwing insults right and left, telling me how Wikipedia would be better without me and how I should leave. After I withdrew my retirement, he then proceeded to claim that he doesn’t care about whether I would stay or not and that I should not “try to get ‘their attention’ like a child.” Keep in mind that he repeatedly thre direct insults my way, as he did in his above message just now, again calling me childish, immature and a dictator.
I have repeatedly told the users to take the matter to village pump, and if they don’t like a rule, get consensus and change it. When they all failed to do so, Broosk decided to step up and start a rebellion against the policies, claiming that I had ‘brought’ them to Wikipedia without consensus from the community (keep in mind that no other policies or guidlines are translated with consensus and no one requires permission to translate a policy from enwiki). He claims that he’s here to resolve a conflict between me and the mentioned user, while he himself is causing issues and is again trying to renew the issue which me and the user have resolved locally and got over. I will leave the idea of unblocking you to the others who will be participating in this discussion, although your block is not permanent. I will not tolerate any more personal attacks from you.--▸ épine talk 21:53, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
There you go. He just admitted that he is overreacting and had acted on his overreaction. Keeping the sysops tool in the hands of such a user sounds like a dangerous idea to me. The entire conversation that he has deleted can be translated by a meddler who speaks Kurdish in order to show the validity of what he says. He clearly said "I will leave Wikipedia. Call back ھیوا and Broosk and the other puppets". He just said it above that he stated racist comments "because he was mad" and it is justified for the same reason. What kind of administrator is this user? Madness, overreaction, deletion of undesired conversation which he calls "insulting", blocking active, senior users who have been contributing to the community, and enforcement of "Policies" from the English wikipedia just because he has translated them while having no legitimate ground at the community and without any voting process. And by the way, that double-standard is not working. Just because you are a Kurd does not mean that your comments are not racist. That's an obvious double-standard. If you are not ashamed of the comment, why have you deleted the edit with its summary in the first place? This user lacks a lot of understanding of his role as a sysops. His attitude is overly dictatorial, intense, troublesome, and in many cases demotivated users from engaging more in the Wikipedia. I will not back down on my claims that he is acting immaturely and does not represent a good Sysops (and the proof is his confession that he was "mad" and "overreacted"). --Broosk (talk) 22:15, 19 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
No, your complaint is against me blocking you. Blocking you was not an overreaction. You’re uncivil and an attacker. My overreaction was in thinking I would leave Wikipedia in the hands of someone such as yourself: a manipulator. I hope that all the other contributors see how he manipulates my comments to sway them in his own benefits. This user is unappreciative and should adjust his attitude when it comes to talking to other users. He clearly stated that my contributions didn’t matter to him because it didn’t bring him any personal gains or benefits. I’m so tired in dealing with this cynical user, he’s clearly on a mission to convince the meta users to revoke my admin rights and nothing more, as stated twice here: once by me and once by himself, trying to “kick me out” of Wikipedia.--▸ épine talk 04:07, 20 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
Talking about racism; I’m not the one who thinks Arabs are not worth having their words being used in the Kurdish language like you do. I’m not the one who said “I don’t like Persian people. You’re the last person who should talk about racism. If I’m racist for writing a simple statement out of shear anger, you are a naturally born narcissist and racist.--▸ épine talk 11:10, 20 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
A couple of explanations:
  • "He clearly stated that my contributions didn’t matter to him because it didn’t bring him any personal gains or benefits" this statement is made up! I have not even remotely said something like this. I have very clearly said that "Outside of wikipedia, I code for 18 hours a day, and yet I specify sometime for Wikipedia which is worth of money outside of here. But I'm not expecting anyone here to thank or appreciate me for my edits. So should you". I was trying to show you that we do not owe you anything because you have contributed to Wikipedia voluntarily. Your behavior at CKB is driven on the idea that you are the king that should rule because you have most of the edits. I am telling you again: you have contributed to Wikipedia and not to a project of mine, so do not expect me or anyone else to thank you for every single edit you make. That's in fact a fundamental concept of Wikipedia. Wikipedians are people working behind the scenes with no expectation for recognition. You seem to be seeking a huge reward from the community. That may not happen.
  • "I’m not the one who thinks Arabs are not worth having their words being used in the Kurdish language" is another made up statement. Let Meta users go and investigate on their own to see what I have written. I have exactly responded to a proposal that we should use the word "Mosiqa مۆسیقا" instead of "Mozik مۆزیک" as an official word for "Music". The former is an Arabic word. My comment is exactly translated: "I find مۆزیک a better word than the Arab word مۆسیقا". Now tell us how this statement is racist? It's SAD THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO MISLEAD THE META USERS BY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE FACT THAT THEY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO READ MY COMMENTS IN KURDISH. It's truly sad. But the field is open, I urge everyone to go and check how my statement is translated.

  • This case is very clearly written. Let me say it bolder: I am here to report your ABUSE OF SYSOPS TOOLS. When there are people like you who take advantage of the trust that Wikimedia Foundation and the Community granted them with tools such as sysops, it becomes an honorable duty to take every reasonable measure to stop you. I will say it again, you're posing a huge threat to the community at CKB and I'm here to convince the Meta community to consider demoting you by taking away the responsible tools of sysops. I will do everything I can to fulfill my duty as a Wikipedian against a dangerous person who has a very noble tool in possession. Blocking me is just one instance of your behavior that I am referencing. Instead of going around and trying to do dirty work, I have come straight to the right people who can look into the case. So do not try to play around with it. I'm using a fair platform to notify the broader community of your dirty work at CKB. --Broosk (talk) 11:32, 20 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

I request translators to read the discussions I posted with the following and report back to the WMF team so they can confirm that all I’ve said was true: Here is what Broosk says in this comment written by himself in 2012 “[...] I was almost kicked out [of Wikipedia]”, which apparently because he violated the article naming consensus they had at the time which was to use common names for articles. Broosk caused conflicts before as well as now, Wikipedia has been running smoothly since his block (check recent pages). We are working towards a solution with the policies and he is welcome to contribute in good faith after his block is lifted. I need to be sure that there won’t be any uncivil personal attacks against me or anyone else in the community. I’m not the only victim of his personal attacks and he attacked several other users, such as here in the last section where Aza informs him to be civil to other’s comments and not call them “baseless” (a much more disrespectful word with no exact English translation, used to enforce own views over opponent’s and demonstrate superiority over other’s opinions) which, as you can see, have repeated again here. He then proceeded to attack Aza and told him “why don’t you teach me manners? Don’t repeat this again!”, forcing an apology from Aza, who decided to end it there and be the mature person that Broosk claims he is while he’s not. He has attacked another user again, here, which is ئاسۆ, claiming that the two Persian speaking admins we have had “finished their studies under the influence of a fascist government which prevented them from practicing their own languages.” Again attacking Iranians. Later پەڵک_کوردی‌نووس here ئاسۆ took his frustration to his talk page. Another example of the offensive and disrespectful racial attacks can be seen here where he says: “I don’t trust Arabs [as much as I’d trust] an underdeveloped onion” (what a way to state racial attacks). he stated here, and I quote: “This racism and patriots is overly excessive, I support them [racism and patriots] in politics, but not in languages and dictionaries”, proving to the entire community how racist he is, hiding behind an innocent patriotic gesture. Again here in this talk page he attacked user Cyrus abdi (who, reviewing his edits, contributed in good faith), summoning him and telling him “please do not be stubborn!! This is not a place to enforce your false views on people!” Once again, resorting to personal attacks instead of calmly addressing the issues like the policies advice us to. Here’s another example of Broosk attacking Arabs and Persians AND Wikipedia after disagreeing with the opinions of several users who objected to the changes he requested to be made: “So Wikipedia is the bay of deformation and none true [content]! I think it’s Wikipedia’s job to repeat the [falsely stated information], you know [your opinion] is false, but the important thing [to you] is to enforce what Arabs and Persians say on Kurds […]”; later he contradicts himself in another talk page, saying there’s no issues from using derived words from Arabic and Turkish. This shows Broosk’s narcissistic nature and the fact that he would do anything including contradicting himself, to win an argument. another example where he attacks user MarMzok, telling him that “Wikipedia and Kurdish grammar won’t work as you please”, instead of just leaving it at the explanation he provided, leaving MarMzok no choice but to give up to prevent conflict and advising him to “do as you please.” And I’m not done yet, here’s another example where Broosk claims that he no longer has “energy to edit Wikipedia” simply because things do not go his way and users do not agree with him, and user Calak states the sensitivity of Kurdish users (evidently referring to Broosk) when “they’re” confronted, is unlike anything he has seen from the other Wikipedias such as English, Persian, Turkish and Arabic Wikis. On a talk page at this page, he openly states his political views and his retaliation against the Iraqi government, which is a great example of tendentious editing; in relation to this, after five years of contributing to Wikipedia, he does not know better by to start a political argument here, with an IP user after they complained of seeing wrong information, he proceeded to respond offensively, defending the political parties he supports and calling out the opposing user to “keep your far-from-the-truth statements to yourself.” In another discussion, he again proceeds to enforce his dictatorial views which are in violation of the “not a dictionary” policy, which Calak informs him of. His complaint here states that I allegedly violated a consensus that never took place (maybe in his imagination it did) while he himself opposed consensus and policies most of the times during his time on Wikipedia, and most of the instances I presented you with are prime examples.

I rest my case. It’s clear that this user had problems with any user who had a slightly different opinion than his, causing an outrage on talk pages and resorting to personal attacks. Once again, I request a Kurdish translator to be involved to confirm my translations so he would stop accusing me of wrong translations. I would happily bring back the deleted revisions where he insulted me for inspection, like this one, where he attacked me for reviewing and going over his old edits to uncover his “dirty” past (his favorite word to use), and here where he said what he denied: telling me that my contributions didn’t matter because I didn’t do it for him. I will rephrase this but will expect an exact translation from @Broosk: himself:

ئەم ناز و مەکرە مەکە بەسەرمانا، وەک مرۆڤێکی بەڵغ ھەڵسووکەوت کە. یەک مرۆڤمان لێرە مەمنوونی یەک سانیەی ئیش و کارەکانت نین چوونکە نە بۆ ئێمەی دەکەیت نە ئێمەش لێرە کارمەندی ویکیمیدیاین. من ڕۆژی ١٨ سەعات کۆد ئەنووسم بایی ھەزارن دۆلار پەیا ئەکەم و لەکاتی خۆم ئەگرمەوە کە بەرامبەر بە پارایە و ئەیدەم بە ویکیپیدیا و چاوەڕێ نیم یەک مرۆڤ دەستخۆشییەکم لێ بکات. لەبەرئەوە ئەم قسە بێ بایەخانە ھەڵگرە بۆشوێنێک کە بەلایەنەوە گرنگ بێت دڵت دێشێت یان نە. بۆ من بایەخی یەک تووری کەلاری نییە لێرە چیت بۆ ویکیپیدیا کردووە و نەتکردووە.

As you can see, Broosk is a mastermind manipulator, he tries to mislead everyone on meta and wiping his dirty hands on me, acting like I’m the one who is doing so. Too bad all his former contributions are recorded. As you can guess yourself my friends, he got away with all what I’ve mentioned with a clean block log; this is why he’s so obsessed with my rights being removed: he knows that I will not accept such disrespect in the community. I don’t know how he managed to spend nearly 10 years on Wikipedia and get away with all the disrespect without a single block. He’s a genius and a mastermind when it comes to manipulation; I’m actually so astonished by how he tries to persuade everyone to take his side by using resolved cases for his own selfish gains (like how he used Amine yousefi’s case of stating that she will stop contributing to Wikipedia, which she in no way hinted was because of me, our relation is fine and stable and here is proof; she asked for help in the mathematics portal which I happily provided and she thanked me in both text and in the log. she deleted that message from her userpage and simplest stated she’s participating in another project in the meantime called Vajin Books, and will try to contribute more in ckb after the talk on the policies have ended–she already restarted contributing again and the proof is in RC and her contributions), but of course you’re not aware of this. You’re only aware of what Broosk is telling you and how he’s telling you. He filed this complaint because he thinks I misused admin tools? Elaborate how so, when I only defended myself when no other admin would cover for me in fear of becoming the next harassment target of Broosk? As you can see, the tension has been relieved during the time Broosk was blocked. There’s literally no tension in the community right now. However, I alerted the community that I advice to wait until this issue between me and Broosk is resolved so we can start discussing the policies together, because I don’t believe it’s appropriate to discuss a section which he started himself. I’m willing to lift the block and take further discussions to the local wiki if he promises to change his behavior and behave like an adult, otherwise, I rest my case. I will leave the WMF to decide what should be done with this user.--▸ épine talk 15:33, 20 October 2018 (UTC

Very nice try, but no. Those comments were brilliantly taken out of context by Epine in attempt to harm my reputation. But I hereby demand a formal translation my comment to check how badly Epine is harassing me by making up false accusations.

Here's a case-by-case examination with the proper translation:وتووێژ:ویلایەتە_یەکگرتووەکانی_ئەمریکا

This discussion started when the article for the United States of America was named "وڵاتە یەکگرتووەکانی ئەمەریکا" which translates to "The United Countries of America". I showed opposition by stating that countries is wrong, it should be states. Mr. Calak respectfully explained the following:

Calak: "دروست یا نادروست (ئەگەر چی ئەم ناوەی ئێستا دروستە) ئەم ناوە لە ناو کورد و پارس و عەرەبدا بەم جۆرە باوە. پێویست بە گۆڕین نییە"

Calak: "It doesn't matter if it is correct or not (although the current name is true), the current naming is popular among Arabs and Persians"

"کەوابێ ویکیپدیا مەنبەعی سەقەتیی و نادرووستییە!! پێموایە کاری ویکپیدیایە کە نادرووستەکانیش درووست بکاتەوە!

ئەم باوێتییە زۆر سەیرە کە باسی دەکەن، گوێ نادەن بەوەی کە ئەوەی ئەیخوێننەوە هەڵەیە! لەکاتێکدا دەزانن هەڵەیە، بەڵام گرینگە ئەوەی عەرەب و فارس دەیڵێ بەسەر کوردیا بسەپێنن، تا خۆیان بەدەستی خۆیان سەپانیان، سەپانییان، ئەمێستا کورد خۆی بەسەرخۆیا ئەسەپێنێ. وڵاتە یەکگرتووەکانی ئەمەریکا هەڵەیە، "

Broosk: "If what you say is true, then Wikipedia is the source of malformation and incorrection. It's also Wikipedia's job to correct the incorrect.

This idea of popularity is very strange since you neglect the fact that what you're reading is incorrect. Instead, you enforce what Arabs and Persians says on Kurds. They did enforce [their identity] on Kurds [politically] and it's time that we enforce it for them voluntarily. Calling the United States 'وڵاتە یەکگرتووەکانی ئەمەریکا' [(which literally means the United Countries of America)] is incorrect".

If you are unaware of political oppression of Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. I can't help you. But it's weird that you want me to leave my ideology at home and not even discuss it when it comes to talk pages. I'm a human being with certain beliefs and ideas and those ideas will follow me wherever I go. So you can't isolate me from my identity as human being by asking me not to consider the historical facts that Kurds have been politically oppressed under Arab-led and Persian-led governments. If that, restating the obvious historical facts, is racist, then I blame history! And I have not something very controversial, I just asked "Why should we base our naming conventions based on what Arabs and Persians believe to be true". It's a very nice attempt to take my comments out of context to make it sound terribe, but my edits are right there and I urge everyone to translate them in context, using any methodology.وتووێژ:تێپەڕوشە


Cyrus Abdi started a redirect war on unsettled issue. I posted the following on the talk page of the article after giving him a list of reasons for why my points were valid:

"بەڕێز نووسەری وتار؛ ئەم کەللەڕەقییە مەکە بەتکا!! ئێرە شوێنی سەپاندنی ڕایە هەڵەکانت نییە بەسەر خەڵکدا! لێرە بۆم نووسیویت کە بۆچی هەڵەیت"

"Dear author of the article, please do not this stubbornness. Here's not a place to force your incorrect opinions. I have written to you why you are incorrect"

Now tell me whats wrong with telling someone to stop forcing their opinions by starting a redirection war? I have done what was necessary. You seem to be oversensitive but Mr. Cyrus Abdi and I have moved on afterwards with no hard feelings.

"later he contradicts himself in another talk page, saying there’s no issues from using derived words from Arabic and Turkish"

I don't know how to answer this. Wikipedia is about discussions. I have no more to say on it.وتووێژ:عومەر_خەیام

Broosk: "جەنابت هەڵەیت، باشتر بگەڕێ! من دڵنیام لەوەى دەیڵێم.

گەر بەڕێزت هەموو نووسینەکانى منت خوێندبێتەوە، باسم لەوە کردوە کە ى ــیەک هەیە پێی دەوترێت ناوبەند، واتا ئەو ی ـیە لەوێدا نەبزوێنە. چەندین ساڵە لە خوێندنگە ئەم وتەیەمان بۆ دەڕێسن و فێرمان دەکەن (دوو پیتى بزوێن نابێت بەدواى یەکتردا بێت لە رستەدا) من تائێستا ٧ ـمامۆستام پێی وتووم و لە پەڕتووکى رێزمانى هەموو کتێبەکانیشدا ئەو وتەیە هەیە. ئیدى ویکیپیدیا و رێزمان و رێنووسى کوردیش لەسەر ویست و ئارەزووى جەنابت ناڕوات. رێزم "

Broosk: "You are respectfully mistaken. I'm sure of what I'm saying [...]. So, Wikipedia, grammar, and Kurdish dictation will not function as you please. My Regards"

A couple of paragraphs later on the same talk: "کاکى من شتێک نییە بەناوى ئارەزوو لێرە، تۆ گەورەى منیش و ئەتخەمە سەر سەرم، بەڵام شتێک کە دروست نەبێت خۆش نییە لەسەرى بڕۆین و بڵێین درووستە"

"Brother, there's nothing called 'to do as pleases you', you're my mentor and I highly respect you. But it's bitter to argue the correct with the incorrect. The service you're doing to this community is highly valued. Let's help each other and cooperate to make to make it least problematic as possible. I apologize for any wrongdoings."

The core problem with Epine is that he considers every opposing view as an attack. On the other hand, I do not care about the feelings but rather the truth. And I have to say, those comments date back to a time where I was a 16-18 years old boy who had very little experience on Wikipedia. But luckily, People like Calak and Aza mentored me and contained me for the mistakes I have made. That perfect human being you're demanding does not exist! Instead of declaring a campaign by going back to my old edits from 9 years ago, you should have learned from the great examples of Calak and Aza for being great instances of what Adminship is. But instead, you chose to start an ugly campaign, in which you miserably failed, against me who worked with those people to support Wikipedia. I have apologized for any inappropriate behavior to those administrators in the past and we moved on. They were mature and I grew up learning from them. Now it's time to give you the chance to learn too.
Overall, nice try on trying to deflect the subject of your ABUSE AND MISUSE OF SYSOPS RIGHTS by running an unsuccessful campaign against me with all your false accsation and propaganda approach. The CKB community is now calmer because of the low number of activity due to to the apparent reason that you have created an atmosphere where people are repelled and discouraged to participate, and perhaps to the fact that you apologized to the members whom you have hurt wrongfully AFTER I started this issue here. I ask Wikimedia Foundation to take away sysops rights from you. You're a threat to the community. This issue here has very little to do with you blocking me and a lot to do with your misuse of your powers as an administrator. --Broosk (talk) 17:44, 20 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
@Broosk: blocking you was never a mistake and I’d do it again if I were to be returned in time to that situation. I have explained to everyone who will be reading this why blocking you is not wrong. I have taken it to careful consideration, and have checked the background of all your contributions before I placed the block: you should have been blocked years ago. I removed the entries of the history because they were grossly insulting, degrading, or offensive material, as policy states, which is not a misuse or abuse of rights. if you’re referring to Amine about “most of the users” who I apologized to, I only did so so I would show her response to refute the argument you made about her leaving Wikipedia because of me, which you’re too embarrassed to talk about because you know you’re wrong and made accusations.
Today, we learnt that all the things you accused me of are actually your own fainted image, but you tried really intelligently to apply them to me. Amongst the statements you denied (which were all true), you never denied the fact that you were a racist for relentlessly and continuously hating on and targeting people outside your race, or people that you disagree with. If you don’t genuinely change your behaviors, I’m afraid to let you know that you will be nothing more but dead weight on Wikipedia, and since it’s in your best interest to do so, I advice you to put an end to your accusations about my misuse of rights, if not, it will backfire the way you deserve it: I have nothing to hide and all my actions are in accordance with the policies you deemed “unofficial”, while everyone, including the administrators such as Calak, who is the most active amongst them all, follow.
You started this toxic thread to defame me, everyone in the community knows: that’s why no one is backing you up or giving you the attention you’re seeking. I provided you with a solution, but you’re keen on your “report” to remove my sysop rights, this is because you didn’t file this report because I misused my sysop rights, it’s because you made it your mission to insult my hard work with Wikipedia and try to forcefully revoke my hardly-worked-for earned rights. You’re the very dictator you accused me of being yourself. You’re so out of touch with reality that you don’t even feel like people would notice the other statements which you ignored, claiming you clearified them “case by case.” You’re slowly being backed into a corner and are being outed for the fraud and manipulator you are. Stop wasting our time with these comments and take the chance you’re given to solve the problem. Instead of acting like a victim, apologize for your mistakes, uncivilized comments and attacks. Everyone knows you’re not the poor little Broosk you’re portraying to be, you’re vicious and attack people in the most grossest ways; the change in your tone now and on Wikipedia proves me right. You were acting so uncivilized on Wikipedia because you got used to getting away with it, but not anymore.
There’s a reason the community has elected me sysop and not you. If this issue was about me abusing my rights, you’d have taken the proposal and explained how I did so, which you have failed to do the entire thread. Not to mention there was never a single report about me misusing any tools since I have became a sysop. The only report is from you and you can’t prove and back up your claims. I have taken ھیوا’s advice and have tried to mild the situation, but Broosk is so narcissistic that he refuses to back down from his accusations and try to solve the situation in a civil matter. This manipulator acted as a referee between me and ھیوا, so he would progress the issue, get the response he wanted from me which is enough to start a thread here, and insult my contributions: but he never thought my responses would be in accordance with policies, he thought he’d get away with it because he thought I would no longer contribute and completely gave up. My proof is that he was very happy about the news and wrote: “If you don’t like it here, leave! [Wikipedia] will run flawlessly without you. Leave to somewhere else where you’re comfortable. [...] please leave. You are a big setback. [...]” amongst other insulting statements which clearly expressed his joy over the news of my to-be retirement.
last but not least: it’s not up to you to decide whether your actions are forivable or not. It’s not up to you to announce whether a “campaign” was successful or not. If you had the ability to differentiate right from wrong, we wouldn’t be here discussing this right now.
I hope someone will review this thread and take appropriate actions. I will no longer kill time on this thread unless I’m summoned or a Meta member interferes and adds comments. Unlike Broosk, I’m not here to force anyone to have their rights to be revoked for reasons I can’t explain or understand even myself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to contribute to Wikipedia and improve it more before you return and cause another scene and drama. For reference to steward: @علاء: and other stewards: I have tried my best to resolve this issue but the above user is not here to report an actual misuse of admin tools: he’s here to revenge for his earned block. Be very wary of this user, he’s not the kind that could be harassed, because he’s the harasser. I believe he has somehow found out that I come from Arabic descendants from my father’s side (most likely from my private social media accounts) and he’s staring a racial purge on Wikipedia because, as I proved it in my previous messages, he has a strong hate against Arabs and Persians. Probably more races too, but I don’t say anything I can’t prove. I have always considered myself a Kurd but I do not tolerate racists since I’m multiracial myself, and the excuse he used to call me a racist is just disgusting and I’ve never directly attacked anyone from a certain race. When I realized I made a mistake which didn’t reflect my identity in that edit summary, I quickly removed it so that it would hurt no one.--▸ épine talk 20:28, 20 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Resolution edit

Can you wait for a fifth person to comment or allow us to read? We need time. Please. I cannot paste my solution we need a 5th person here. هیوا (talk) 05:56, 21 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]

End of Thread edit

I still do have a bunch of examples to show on Epine's bad behavior but that would be counter-productive. I don't have time for a childish conversation anymore. There you go, after almost 10 years of contribution to Wikipedia, I hereby announce quitting. This edit is my last activity on Wikipedia. The community at CKB should be very careful with electing Sysops in the future. As you can see, the childish stance of Epine and the constant personal, baseless accusations that aimed to degrade my statue as a Wikpedian resulted in a situation that I no longer see this place as a safe, fair platform in which I can contribute without harassment and false accusations and I see no protection against the personal agenda of some users. I have contributed to Wikipedia very silently in the past, never even nominated myself for Sysops in the entire 9 years because that's not what I was here for. Instead of apologizing for attacking me out of thin air just because I disagreed (the proof is that he called me a meatpuppet), he launched an entire attack that aimed to show me as "racist", "manipulative", "harasser", "toxic", "uncivilized", and many other baseless accusations just to escape apologizing for a bad judgement that was made at the time of anger. In the beginning, he just said that I'm a meatpuppet for siding with another user. Then changed his statement and said that I tried to meddle between him and ھیوا because I had personal agenda. The truth is: it's very hard for him breaking his ego and apologizing for an obvious mistake and a bad judgement. Nevertheless, I'm glad he apologized for a couple of other CKB members who have been wrongfully accused and hurt. That's perhaps a good outcome of this thread. Anyway, @Calak:, @Aza:, @هیوا:, @Kushared:, @ئاسۆ:, @MarMzok:, it has been a pleasure. I learned a lot and thanks for your service to CKB. Good luck. --Broosk (talk) 17:01, 21 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]
@Broosk: no one is asking you to leave. Just like we expect you not to try to take away the freedom of other users to contribute to the project. Everything I have said is true and I still would like a Kurdish translator to review them to confirm the statements. I called you a meatpuppet because you flamed the conflict. You clearly started this thread solely to defame me and forcefully revoke my rights from me, accusing me of misusing my admin tools; when I asked you to prove how I did so, you failed to address it, and this is your way of withdrawing from the report. I do ask you to calm down and visit Wikipedia in a few days after we locally decided to settle this issue, you wanted us to review the policies, and so we will just like you said. I stated the obvious to defend myself, I was accused of misusing my admin tools. I’m not happy with your decision and I ask you to reconsider after you have calmed down. However; I would like to point out, again, that blocking you and deleting the defamatory material you posted on the talk pages was not in anger like you claim. My response in anger was deciding to quit Wikipedia, which later I withdrew from, but you kept using that to try to take my admin status from me. I’m not fighting for sysop rights, I might ask a steward to remove it from my account at some point anyway; what I fought for was my reputation as a Wikipedian, which you tried very hard to devalue and deem my contributions as non important for they do not bring personal benefits to you. It’s sad to see that, after everything you’ve done and after all the abuse me and other Wikipedians from other races faced because of you, you still act like a victim. I have tried many times to calm the situation and offered for your block to be lifted if you decide to stop personal attacks and calmly discuss without defaming me, which you refused to do. This is ego, not me defending myself and stating the obvious. Again, I hope you reconsider after you calmed down. My responses in this thread were not about “winning” or “proving” anything (aside from the fact I have not misused my admin tools), it was about defense.--▸ épine talk 19:39, 21 October 2018 (UTC)[reply]