December 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

Welcome to the editing contest to improve Wikipedia's verifiability!

  • What is this?: This is an editing contest to improve the verifiability of Wikipedia. The aim of this first edition is to add references correctly where it´s necessary, in articles with the "references" template. You can participate in any language. The lists of articles show you all those with the "references" template.
  • When?: The editing contest will run from 00:01 (CET UTC+01:00) December 1, 2017 until 23:59 (CET UTC+01:00) December 31, 2017. So, only the work done between these dates will be included in the contest.
  • How?: You can only achieve points by adding references in the articles with the "references" template (list). You will not receive points for adding external links or bibliography, only articles with the "references" template.
  1. Choose an article with the "references" template and add a reference. Reliable sources must be used. It is not possible to use blogs, or other Wikipedia articles.
  2. Each time a reference is added, the edit must be saved. Therefore, the scoring system is one reference = one point (if the reference has been added correctly).
  3. Add in the edition summary #referenciaton so that the bot of the organization can track your edition.
  • How to add a reference correctly?
It´s not possible to add a reference only with the title. The minimum will be the title, URL or DOI, author, date, access-date and website, if the rest of the information is not available. Don't copy the text of the reference, that's a plagiarism!
  1. If you use the visual editor ("Edit" button), press "⧼citoid-citefromidtool-title⧽" to add a reference.
    • Then you just have to add a URL, a DOI or an ISBN in the "⧼citoid-citefromiddialog-mode-auto⧽" tab and click on "⧼citoid-citefromiddialog-lookup-button⧽". The software will then try to generate a reference with all needed information, based on that identifier.
    • If it is not working, or if you prefer an alternative, you can use the "⧼citoid-citefromiddialog-mode-manual⧽" tab to add a reference manually with a lot choices concerning the informations to add.
  2. If you edit the source ("Edit source" button), you must use the correct template, like the following ones:
For example, if we want to add a reference of a data found in a web page, we should add the following text (in the english version): <ref>{{cite web | url = http: // | title = Nigeria 2017 | access-date= September 13, 2017 |author= Karel Stokkermans | date = September 7, 2017 | website = | language = English }} </ ref>
  • Who?: General public interested in learning how to add references in Wikipedia and improve the verifiability of the articles that compose it. It´s only necessary to have a user account in advance. To participate, you must register in the participants section.
  • Why?: The contest is organized by Wikimedia Spain. One of our main objectives is to improve the verifiability of Wikipedia in all languages. If your organization or institution wants to collaborate with this contest, please contact us.
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