Reasonator (found here) is a Tool Labs (previously Toolserver) tool by Magnus Manske which can display a prettified and extended version of Wikidata items. The tool works for all items, but has special functionality for items about people, locations, species. It also has a search function.

Screenshot of Reasonator displaying item Q1339 (Johann Sebastian Bach) in English.

The tool can also show related data (from other items) through simple reasoning (e.g., for people, relatives, books authored, music composed).

The code is licensed under the GPL (GPLv2 or later). Wikidata information itself is licensed under CC0.

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The tool is implemented as a self-contained class in JavaScript, with the main JS code located here. You can set the list of preferred languages in the URL. For example, to set German and French, add the parameter "&lang=de,fr": [1]. Add the language codes in order from preferred to least preferred. The default language is English.

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