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For the current gadget, see User:Krinkle/Tools/Real-Time Recent Changes.

once upon a time, User:Eloquence said "it would be neat if you could see recent changes in real time" (well, he didn't say that, but he did say something reasonably close). well, i thought, that's not very difficult. so i hacked up a proof-of-concept tool to do just that: the rcdumper.

as often happens with these things, i didn't have much time to spend on the rcdumper once it was working. it wasn't very efficient, and the computer it was running on was very slow. still, it hobbled along for a while, until one day when it was linked from the front page of a popular website.

at this point, it was clear the tool could no longer exist in its present form. it placed far too much load on the slow computer, and there were no spare faster computers to move it to. so, for a while, the tool was laid to rest...

General InfoEdit

This tool is tragically unavailable at this time. I gather it provided a live recentchanges dump to a webpage. Discuss below...

... but no longer! for a brief trail period, the rcdumper is now available again:

at the new server is quite a bit faster than the old one, it can hopefully survive here for a little longer. at least until someone gets around to rewriting it...

If you are interested in other ways to see recent changes, perhaps syndication feeds will help you.

How to get it for a particular wiki or languageEdit

English Wikipedia in English (default):

German Wikipedia in Japanese:

German Wiktionary in Japanese:

... etc.

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It's a shame that this great tool is no longer available. I used it almost daily to fullfill my admin-duties at the German WP. The IRC and Java variants are no replacement. The RCDumper integrated seamlessly into every browser, you could use the browsers shortcuts to create tabs and so on. The alternatives are not as comfortable. I'd really appreciate if the tool would return. -- 21:22, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC) de:Benutzer:Chrkl