Rcom workshop @ Wikimania 2012

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Pre-workshop preparations Rcom Meet up


When: Thursday, July 12 from 18:00 to 19:00 (if we need more time we could stay a bit longer and/or re-meet after the GLAM panel at 9:30) Where: At GLAM reception: http://wikimania2012.wikimedia.org/wiki/GLAM_Night_Out Contact: Mayo's phone: Phone United States: 001 - 8576548231


See proposal by Dario: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Committee/Reorganization


Rcom Workshop: Wikipedia & Research: A love–hate relationship



Workshop agenda (70 minutes)

In the previous talk "The State of Wikimedia Scholarship 2011-2012" on Thursday (the first Wikimania day), Mako Hill will present a review of the research itself. In this workshop, instead of presenting the "research content" itself, we will address the question of the relationship between Wikipedia and Research, and the role of he Research Committe.

Moderator: Mayo Fuster Morell


  • Brief presentation of the Rcom members. If there is not too many people, we will do a round presentation of everybody.
  • The relationship between Wikipedia and Research: The state of the debate and identify possible next steps/horizons.
  • General update on Rcom (its origin and goal, resources provided and what has achieved so far), and presentation of specific areas of Rcom work:
    • Tilman Bayer on Rcom newsletter
    • Daniel Mietchen on the Open access developments (slides) >>> Input for the talk: talk from last year
  • Q&A.
  • Discussion to rethink Rcom functioning, goal and plan for next year.

Workshop participants/contributors


RCom Members: Melanie Kill, Daniel Mietchen (User:Mietchen), Yaroslav Blanter (User:Ymblanter), Cheryl Moy (User:MichChemGSI) and Mayo Fuster Morell (User:Lilaroja and Amical Viquipedia).

Other researchers: Benjamin Mako Hill, Felipe Ortega, Dariusz Jemielniak and Aaron Shaw.

Other people that might be interested to attend the workshop: List of people subscribed to research related events in Wikimania. Such as: http://wikimania2012.wikimedia.org/wiki/Submissions/The_State_of_Wikimedia_Scholarship_2011-2012