RFAs fail for a reason

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A lot of people who have RFAs fail, and as a result, they may become angry, chated, or sad. But they should not feel that way. Their RFA failed for a reason. That is what they forget. If their RFA passed, they might delete an article that should not be deleted, block a user that should not be blocked, or abuse the tools in many other ways. They might even go rogue. Not everyone can get the mop.

What if all RFAs passed?


As said before, RFAs fail for a reason. If all RFAs passed, utter chaos would ensue. Normal wiki-goers would be in danger, unfit users have the mop. Good articles could be deleted, good users blocked, trolls ignored, and users could be on the business end of hot-head with the sysop tools.

So remember, if your RFA failed, it happened for a reason.