RENDER/Supporting Tools for Wikipedia

Tools to support readers/ editors/ administratorsEdit

We have developed two tools to support the work of established Wikipedia authors on the one hand and to help readers to understand the quality and the status of a Wikipedia article. These tools are aimed to enable Wikipedia users:

  • To track biased and one-sided articles,
  • To understand and improve them.

This will be achieved by identifying faults or lacking information in articles or sections of an article. Furthermore, we are going to provide further sources that are likely to contain the missing data or show more information related to the topic.

Article MonitorEdit

Statistical data and details of the analysis of a Wikipedia article will be summed up in this overview, helping people to draw conclusions regarding article quality and the status.

Find further information about the usage, the installation, and the functionality on the Article Monitor page.

Article List GeneratorEdit

With help of the ALG you can generate lists of articles related to your prefered category or fields of interest. Additionally, you can select certain filters to sort the result list.

Find further information about the usage and the functionality on the Article List Generator page.