Quick surveys is a tool first created around November of 2015 that can be placed on any wiki page, in any location. This page describes the overview of using QuickSurveys, its purpose, and how can use the tool right now, as well as where to find more information.

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Overview of Quick SurveysEdit

What is QuickSurveys?Edit

Quick surveys is a tool that can be placed on any wiki page, in any location. Because of this feature, it is called contextual survey tool. Eventually, the tool may appear once an action is taken; for example, a survey may appear after you use the search box in Wikipedia. The basic uses of quick surveys are to: Gather data on-wiki from one question Use to link out to a longer survey (or other research)

For what purpose was QuickSurvey developed?Edit

QuickSurvey was first designed to help gather information about users who read Wikipedia; this would help with learning why people visit the site so we can design a better experience. However, we know the tool has potential for much more. As we develop a basic prototype, we will continue to explore the future of what this tool will bring to both software and community.

Which team is managing the development of QuickSurvey?Edit

Currently, the Reading team maintains the extension but any engineer who needs surveys should feel free to propose issues. Any team can get access to data from QuickSurvey if they have access to Event Logging.

How can I create a Quick Survey?Edit

Currently, QuickSurvey requires engineering support from WMF staff and only WMF staff are able to use it at this time. While we dream of having a user interface for implementing QuickSurveys, the tool is still too new for giving access broadly.

Any engineer can setup a survey by following the documentation in mw:Extension:QuickSurveys#Configuration

How to use QuickSurveysEdit

Currently, QuickSurveys can only used by WMF staff. This will likely change in the future, but it is unclear when this will be.

For WMF Staff, visit the guidelines to learn how to use QuickSurveys.

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