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roundtable discussion

Abstract: This session will review the state of development of the code of conduct, friendly space policy, and non-discrimination policy in Wikipedia.

1/4 of presentation - Various online communities have struggled to develop policies to govern community behavior. The Wikipedia community has also had many discussions at great cost on this topic. As of 2020, the Wikipedia community has no established broad policy on conduct, nor does any online community. This talk will begin by describing the more popular concepts which Wikipedia has in place for conduct governance, which are "code of conduct", "friendly space policy", and "non-discrimination policy". Next there will be the presentation of lists of organizations who have tried to develop these policies and what they published.

3/4 of presentation - We go around the room for anyone to call out what special considerations they would want for an LGBT+ code of conduct, friendly space policy, or non-discrimination policy. The hope is that as the Wikipedia community develops these policies, the LGBT community will have representation in them and not find these policies counter to LGBT interests.

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multiple names here, let's plan this together or divide the time
  1. Lane Rasberry - but please help present this or even take the lead!
  2. user:Marajozkee
  3. sign here!

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School of Data Science at the University of Virginia

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Wikimedia New York City events

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