Punjabi Wikipedia International Women's Day Edit-a-thon

Punjabi Wikipedia celebrated International Women's Day 2015 with a 3 day Edit-a-thon in which 45 articles related to Women were created. 16 editors participated in the edit-a-thon, out of which 7 were women.

As of the date of creation of articles Punjabi is the first Indian language, other than English in which articles on topics such as Domestic Violence in India, Abortion in India, and the Dowry system in India were created.

Check the category for the list of 45 articles that were created during the edit-a-thon.

Women editors and articles created

  1. Dr.klara - 5 new articles
  2. Anupama - 4 new articles
  3. Lillottama - 3 new articles
  4. Rupika08 - 2 new articles
  5. Pawandeep Grewal - 2 new articles
  6. Nitesh Gill - 1 new articles
  7. Gurmel kaur - 1 new article