Punjabi Wikipedia Categorython

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Punjabi Wikipedia Categorython was organized during 1 February 2017 to 28 February 2017. The idea to have a categorython orginated from a similar edit-a-thon on Hindi Wikipedia proposed by User:Anamdas.

Statistics edit

  • +136% growth in Edits per Month
  • +8% Active Editors
  • +40% Active Editors
S. No. Before the edit-a-thon After the edit-a-thon
1 Uncategorized Pages 1539 Uncategorized Pages 644
2 Uncategorized Categories 1288 Uncategorized Categories 1251
3 Uncategorized Files 404 Uncategorized Files 403
4 Uncategorized Templates 3001 Uncategorized Templates 3035

Paritcipants edit

Out of the total 15 participants who signed up for the event, 3 were non-Punjabi.

  • Gurbakhshish chand did the most of number of edits and played a major role in categorizing pages.
  • Jagvir Kaur completed her 500 edits during the event.
  • Jashan1994 had only about 60 Global contributions before the event and now she has 229 edits.
  • Wikilover90 became active after an inactivity of one month.

Learnings edit

  • We got to learn that many Wikipedians did not know that they can contribute in a number of ways rather than just creating new articles. While creating articles requires a substantial amount of time, it takes very less time to make small yet meaningful contribution of categorizing pages.