Punjabi Wikimedians - Panjab Digital Library, Chandigarh Collaboration

This is a GLAM Wiki Project where Panjab Digital Library in which Punjabi Wikimedians User Group are collaborating with the Archive to preserve and upload Public Domain content (Books, manuscripts) to make accessible the accumulated wisdom of the Panjab region, without distinction as to script, language, religion, nationality, or other physical condition.


The objective is to make the entire accumulated wisdom of Punjab region with its literature and other academic content online without distinction as to script, religion, language, nationality or other aspects by preserving the content online and making it available to public under Creative Commons License.

These books address saving of invaluable treasures of Punjabi Culture that may get lost in time if they are not digitized and made available online. Connecting people globally through continued free online access

What will be made availableEdit

Copyright free books in Hindi and Punjabi ( list to be updated)


The destructive effects of time, age, and human negligence make rare heritage of Punjab disappear and in order to make

Secure, invaluable books and manuscripts that are digitized need to be put on Wikisource that can be freely used by public under Creative Commons License. Rare books often get destroyed during natural and man-made disasters and making these books available online is the only solution to keep them alive to prevent loss of information and preserving the old dialect of language in the ever-changing linguistic revolution.

Why make the available online under CCEdit

Online preservation is the future of valuable, rare historic information! The benefits of doing this include: Securing heritage for future generations Limitless life span of digitally preserved material Wide availability through internet and easily searchable for researchers, art and literature lovers and for other academic usage.

Timeframe for ProjectEdit

The digitized books available under Public Domain would have their OCR and proofreading done by the volunteers.