PunjabWiki Education Program/Weekly Report

The groundwork of the PunjabWiki Education Program marked the beginning of a transformative journey, with preparations commencing in June 2023. Operating within the realm of a government school context brought about its set of challenges, given the inherent restrictions and boundaries that often accompany such institutions. However, overcoming these obstacles required a cooperative approach, and the school authorities, demonstrating commendable manners, extended their support. The school graciously agreed to allocate a slot of 40 minutes once in a week, during which 13 students from the 9th and 11th standards actively participated. And so, the project officially commenced.

August 2023


5 August 2023


The first class with the students happened on August 5, 2023. In this class, we talked about the chances they can get in this digital time, especially because they come from families with fewer resources. They didn't know much about digital stuff and how it can make their lives better.

So, in this class, I told them about Wikipedia and other similar projects. We discussed how Wikipedia works and why it's a good idea to READ it. I also introduced them to some sgenerative AI models that can help them do really well in their future jobs. Everyone was excited to learn about these things and see how it can make a difference in their lives.

12 August 2023


During this session, the students showed a lot of curiosity about Wiki and how they could be a part of it. They had questions about reading Wikipedia, especially topics related to their syllabus, and were interested in learning how to edit articles using their mobile phones.

The emphasis of the conversation was primarily on reading Wikipedia rather than jumping directly into editing. I took the opportunity to introduce them to Wikisource and explained its significance in the context of accessing and preserving information. The session was an interactive exploration, fostering a sense of understanding and engagement among the students regarding their potential contributions to the Wiki community.

19 and 26 August 2023


As I attended Wikimania in Singapore, there were no classes held during the weekends.

September 2023


2 September 2023

WikiClub formation

In this particular session, a significant milestone was achieved as I took the initiative to establish a WikiClub, a collaborative space for our students to delve deeper into the world of Wikimedia projects. Under the able supervision of Narinder Kaur, Co-head, and Amandeep Kaur, Project Lead (School), the WikiClub was formed, creating a structured and supportive environment for students to explore and contribute to Wikimedia initiatives.

During the session, my focus shifted towards imparting practical skills to the students. I provided hands-on guidance on the process of creating accounts, offering insights into the anatomy of a Wikipedia article, and discussing crucial aspects such as the indicators of quality within a Wikipedia article. This step marked a pivotal moment in our educational journey, as it not only equipped the students with essential tools but also laid the foundation for collaborative knowledge creation within the WikiClub framework.

9, 16, 23 September 2023


Due to a holiday on September 9 and the school's examination sessions on September 16 and 23, there were no classes scheduled on the weekends during that period.

30 September 2023


In this session, I commenced the teaching of the Five Pillars of Wikipedia using the Outreach Dashboard Training approach. The topic proved to be quite captivating for the students, offering a unique and engaging perspective. They delved into:

  • Wikipedia Essentials - a basic overview of Wikipedia’s core policies and guidelines
  • Editing Basics - A practical advice on navigating and editing Wikipedia.
  • Evaluating Articles and Sources - How to read Wikipedia articles, and potential sources, with a critical eye

October 2023


7 October 2023


In this ongoing session, the focus remained on the comprehensive teaching of the Five Pillars of Wikipedia through the Outreach Dashboard Training. The continuation of this engaging topic included a deep dive into the following key aspects:

  • Sandboxes and mainspace - How to use sandboxes effectively to draft articles, and how to move a sandbox article live.
  • Sources and Citations - What makes a good source, and how to create citations.
  • Plagiarism and Copyright Violation - A detailed review of plagiarism and how to avoid it.

13 October 2023


During this session, the focus shifted to the practical aspect of contributing to Wikipedia, specifically on creating individual Wiki accounts. A total of 8 accounts were successfully set up during the session, marking a significant step in empowering students to actively participate in the Wikimedia community.

  1. NishanxMahla
  2. Prabhdeep Mahla
  3. Gurlal Singh 07
  4. Preetverma 101
  5. Khushveer singh Mahla
  6. Sadika mahla
  7. Gurlal Singh 07
  8. Harmandeep kaur mahla

For those who did not create an account during the session, they were encouraged to complete this task as part of their homework. This approach aimed to ensure that all students would have the opportunity to establish their own accounts, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement with the educational platform. The session not only imparted practical skills but also set the stage for independent contributions and continued involvement in the PunjabWiki Education Program.

21 October 2023


During a recent discovery, I observed that students were unfamiliar with typing in Punjabi, their mother language, on computers. Recognizing the significance of fostering proficiency in their native language, I initiated a session dedicated to teaching Punjabi typing using computers. To facilitate this learning process, I opted for the Google Input Tool, leveraging its Unicode format and user-friendly interface, particularly its phonetic keyboard feature.

Despite the challenges posed by the limited availability of functioning computers in the school's computer lab, students exhibited a keen interest in learning Punjabi typing. Working collaboratively on the operational computers, though in less than optimal condition, students demonstrated impressive progress in acquiring this new skill.

The session not only addressed the gap in their digital language capabilities but also highlighted the resilience and enthusiasm of the students, overcoming challenges associated with the available resources. Despite the constraints, their commitment to learning Punjabi typing showcased a commendable determination to embrace and enhance their language skills in the digital realm.

28 October 2023


As the students had exams scheduled for today, classes were not held during the weekend.

November 2023


4 November 2023


During this session, I conducted a thorough review of the Wikipedia Training Modules, ensuring that the students had a comprehensive understanding of the materials covered. To assess their comprehension, a quiz related to the training was administered, and I'm pleased to report that the students performed exceptionally well. Their success in the quiz demonstrates a commendable grasp of the training content and reflects their commitment to acquiring the necessary skills for effective participation in Wikipedia and related projects.

11 November 2023


On this day, there was a school holiday, and no classes were scheduled.

18 November 2023


During this session, students persisted in their learning journey of Punjabi typing, recognizing the importance of proficiency in this skill for their work on Punjabi Wikipedia and Wikisource. As they encountered some challenging words, I took the opportunity to guide them through the correct methods to tackle such complexities.

The focus extended beyond basic typing skills to address specific challenges posed by difficult words. Through targeted instruction, students gained valuable insights and techniques to overcome hurdles, enhancing their overall proficiency in Punjabi typing. This hands-on approach ensures that they are well-equipped to navigate complexities and contribute effectively to projects requiring Punjabi language skills on digital platforms.

25 November 2023


In today's session, students showcased their progress in Punjabi typing, reflecting their newfound proficiency in this skill. It was heartening to observe that some students have become adept at typing independently, demonstrating a level of confidence and self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, for those who still require assistance, their enthusiasm to seek guidance indicates a willingness to learn and improve.

Overall, the students have reached a commendable level of proficiency in Punjabi typing, marking a significant milestone. With their enhanced skills, they are now well-prepared to embark on collaborative projects on Wiki platforms, contributing meaningfully to Punjabi Wikipedia and Wikisource. This achievement underscores their dedication and readiness to actively participate in digital initiatives.

December 2023


1 December 2023


In today's session, I took the opportunity to delve into the anatomy of Wikisource with the students, explaining why this digital library holds significant importance. The discussion provided insights into the diverse range of books that can find a home on Wikisource, enriching the digital library with valuable content.

To reinforce their understanding and encourage active participation, I assigned homework that involves completing the remaining slides from the Outreach Dashboard Training. This task not only serves as a practical application of the knowledge gained but also fosters a sense of responsibility and autonomy among the students.

By linking theoretical concepts with practical assignments, the session aimed to instill a deeper appreciation for Wikisource and empower students to contribute actively to this collaborative digital repository.

8 December 2023


During this session, an exciting development took place as several students actively engaged in contributing to Punjabi Wikisource. While the limitation of internet connectivity restricted the live participation to four students, the others observed and learned from the contributions made by their peers.

Notably, two new accounts were created during this session, namely Prabh Mahla01 and Preet Verma01, signifying the initiation of these students into the digital realm of Punjabi Wikisource.

Despite the connectivity constraints, the session demonstrated the enthusiasm and eagerness of the students to actively participate in online collaborative projects. This firsthand experience serves as a valuable foundation for their future contributions and reflects their growing confidence in navigating digital platforms for knowledge sharing.