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  • WikiClub Formation: We will form a Wikiclub with interested students, providing them with insights into the club's mission and activities. New WikiClub members are welcomed through an orientation session that outlines the club's purpose and its alignment with the overarching goals of the project. This ensures that students understand the significance of their participation and how it contributes to the broader educational objectives of the project.
WikiClub Activities: Commencing with awareness sessions, specifically Wikipedia Training Modules, initiates a structured learning journey for students. Initially, it builds awareness about Wikipedia, its significance, and its potential as a learning resource. As the journey unfolds, students gradually acquire the skills necessary to navigate and actively contribute to this collaborative platform. This step-by-step approach ensures students develop both an understanding of Wikipedia's value and the confidence to participate effectively in its vast knowledge-sharing community.
  • Digital Literacy Training: The project includes technology workshops and training sessions aimed at empowering students to make effective use of laptops for educational purposes. In addition to this, digital literacy programs are conducted, equipping students with essential computer skills, ensuring internet safety, and teaching them how to access valuable educational resources online. These initiatives collectively provide students with the knowledge and confidence to harness technology for their educational growth while promoting safe and responsible online practices.
  • Wiki Contribution Training/Workshop: These hands-on learning sessions are thoughtfully aligned with the students' curriculum, guiding them through active participation in various wiki projects like Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikidata, and Commons. This ensures a direct connection between the activities and their educational objectives. During these sessions, students learn how to edit, enhance, and contribute content to these platforms, directly supporting their coursework. Additionally, by fostering digital literacy and research skills, these activities not only enrich their academic experience but also empower them to navigate online resources effectively in line with their curriculum requirements.
  • Guest Speaker Series: The Guest Speaker Series aims to inspire and motivate students, showcasing the practical benefits of their involvement in EduWiki, such as improving their digital literacy and contributing to knowledge-sharing platforms like Wikipedia. It serves as a valuable opportunity for students to connect their learning experiences with the broader context of education and career development in the digital age.
  • Wiki Loves Audiobooks: In collaboration with the Commons User Group, we are developing audiobooks utilizing content from Punjabi Wikisource. This initiative serves several objectives, encompassing catering to the public's interests, fostering a love for literature among the younger generation, and offering compelling content for individuals who may have limited literacy or be advanced in age. Through the transformation of written materials into audiobooks, this project expands the reach of literature to a broader audience, especially those confronted with difficulties in reading.
  • Feminism and Folklore: The goal is to involve students in researching and writing about folk cultures and highlighting the prominent women in these traditions. This not only promotes cultural awareness but also adds meaningful content to Wikipedia. Additionally, students will contribute by uploading relevant media, like images or videos, to Wikimedia Commons, enriching our collective knowledge and preserving these traditions visually for the world to explore.