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Global Advocacy

Conversation Hours and Events

Other Upcoming Events

  1. ESEAP Conference 2024
  2. Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum 2024
  3. Global Digital Compact discussions 2024
  4. Internet Governance Forum 2024
  5. Wikimania 2023: If our sessions are accepted.
  6. WikiConference North America 2023: If our sessions are accepted.
  7. WikiIndaba 2023: If our sessions are accepted.

Monthly Conversation Hours


The Global Advocacy team occasionally hosts conversation hours.

The purpose of these conversation hours is to create a dedicated space for the Foundation's Global Advocacy team to engage directly with Wikimedia volunteers, affiliates, and staff. These forums are an opportunity for us to answer questions about how the Foundation pursues advocacy work, or about your own projects and initiatives, and to connect, share, and learn from each other in a consistent manner.

Upcoming Conversation Hours


There are no more regularly upcoming conversation hours. We completed our pilot from June - October 2022. We will continue to evaluate when to host these again.

Log of Previous Conversation Hours


Notes from all calls can be found in the etherpad.

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