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The following discussion is closed: Not a Wikimedia Foundation project, so no action can be taken.

Arguments in support of closure

Presentation of arguments in support of closure

Arguments presented summarily here are repeated and discussed immediately below:

  1. Uyghur Wikipedia already exists. There is no need for a Yulghunwiki to confuse Uyghur users.
  2. Most of content is short stubs without any images at all.
  3. The sysop on Yulghunwiki acts like a tyrant who blocks users infinitely and deletes their entire userpage for petty reasons.
  4. Yulghunwiki has been totally inactive for nearly a year now with no new users or new articles being created.
  5. Artificial exaggerration of its size. Most of the articles are bot-generated stubs.
  6. The use of the Uyghur Latin or Cyrillic alphabet to create new articles on Yulghunwiki is not tolerated and would be deleted ruthlessly.

Arguments in opposition of closure

Presentation of arguments in opposition of closure

reasons mentioned above sounds true but there is also some problems with current version of uyghur wiki.

There are almost 9 million of uyghurs living in china, and they use only uyghur-arabic script. And whole wikipedia is not accessible in china, including chinese version as well as uyghur version. And yulghunwiki is surely the only version of wiki that users can surf, and it helps people, so why its so necessary to close it! Would not it be great if we leave this argument to a later decision?

Support for the closure of Yulghunwiki

  1. --Philip J 07:35, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

Opposition for the closure of Yulghunwiki

  1. Barat 19:20, 1 April 2007 (UTC)
  2. Jose77 21:08, 3 April 2007 (UTC)


  • Does this wiki actually have anything to do with Wikimedia anyway? If not, surely Wikimedia should insist on respect of its trademarks etc, but obviously can't close the wiki. And of course Uyghur Wikipedia can't import articles from Yulghunwiki without permission from their author(s).
  • It doesn't appear to, and naturally wikipedia can't steal any of it's articles--but there settings are way better then the uyghur wikipedia. Does anybody know who's in charge of that? Perhaps they can copy some of that.--Jdavid2008 08:50, 18 June 2007 (UTC)