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Project Tiger Training 2018/Feedback/Wikilover90

Hello, thanks for participating in Project Tiger Training 2018. This is the feedback time.

Please write in details on areas such as

  • Event planning
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Management
For private feedback, send an email to tito(_AT_) For unidentified feedback, please use this form

Please share your detailed feedback below:

  • Please summarize your experience in this workshop in 2-3 sentences? (How was you experience, was it helpful? Be innovative! You may write in text, or upload a video/audio etc)
Thanks to User:ABartov (WMF) for making this event spectacular. His training for capacity building is one of the most precious gifts from Foundation, Punjabi community has ever had
Thanks to Sunil Abrahim's visit, a lot of good things came out of it in terms of community health of Punjabi community. Sunil, Ravishankar and Tito Dutta also mentored and assisted the community in important decision and organizational policies.
  • In a scale of 1–5 (where 1 means the lowest and 5 means the highest), would you join a similar Wikidata workshop in future? (write in details, please)
This was a more inclusive and insightful event with multitude of partnerships, outreach, commons and wikidata skill building by Asaf.
  • Please explain in details what went well during the workshop?(write in details, please)
Great session planning by Asaf.
  • Please explain in details what would you have liked to be different?(how could we improve the workshop, write in details, please)
There was no proper coordination or point of contact person in the Punjabi community which created many issues in the event organizing for everyone.
  • How do you plan to use and share your learning in near future?
Hands-on-training to new community members.