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مشروع المعرفة
Project Al-Ma'refa
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Project Al-Ma'refa
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Goal & Vision Timeline
Time Line
  1. Late َAugust 2019: receive the list.
  2. September 2019: finalize the team, filtering the lists.
  3. October 2019: make a proposal to Google.
  4. October 2020: start out with the partnership.
  5. December 2020: launch the article-editing competition.
  6. April 2021: wrap up and evaluate outcomes.

Project PhasesEdit

The project’s timeline consists of three phases: Preparation phase (1.5 months), Competition phase (3 months), and the Assessment phase (1.5 months). The overall duration of the first term of the project is 6 months.

During the preparation period, the project team will create set up by producing videos, advertise on social media, finalizing the articles’ lists, and doing outreach to engage the Arabic-speaking community.

Once this is in place, the Competition phase starts. The editing competition will consist of 3 rounds, with a single month dedicated for each one. There will be prizes for 23 high-performing participants in each round. The participants’ articles will be evaluated and assessed by an expert jury with 5 members, selected by the project team.

Finally comes the Assessment phase, in which the project team will assess and evaluate the overall results. The will also investigate the impact of the project activities and compare it with the specified outputs and outcomes.