Programs & Events Dashboard/2021 survey

Wiki Education will focus on improving Programs & Events Dashboard in 2021 and 2022. This survey will help us identify the most important areas for improvement and missing features.

There are up to 14 questions, most of which are optional. You can preview the questions here on Meta.

Your responses to this survey may be shared with staff of Wiki Education and Wikimedia Foundation. Survey responses are also viewable by Programs & Events Dashboard admins.

What kinds of events have you used the Dashboard for?

  • Editathon
  • Wiki editing assignment for school
  • Editing contest
  • Other

About how often do you use the Dashboard?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Several times per year
  • Once per year or less
  • Never

Rate each of these as an area you'd like Wiki Education to focus on. (1 is not important, 5 is very important)


[options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, "I don't know"]

  • Better written documentation
  • Video tutorials
  • Creating accounts for new users and adding them to their events
  • Alerts for on-wiki problems (like deletions or blocks)
  • Support for judging editing competitions
  • Better support for education program assignments
  • Better scoping of which edits are part of my event, and which edits are not
  • Easier ways to manage statistics for related sets of events
  • More detailed statistics for Wikipedia
  • More detailed statistics for Wikidata
  • More / better translations of training modules
  • Making language-specific features available in more languages (e.g., Authorship Highlighting)

Optional followup: What would be your top priority for improving the Dashboard?

Have you created or facilitated a program/event/editathon that others participated in?


(The following two questions are included if you answer yes.)

What is the experience level of the main audience for programs and events you've organized?

  • First-time and novice editors (fewer than 100 edits)
  • Retained editors (those who have participated in previous events as newcomers)
  • Experienced editors

(Optional followup) Explain more about the experience level of the audience for your events, if you want to.

What type(s) of audience have you organized programs and events for?

  • Activists
  • Youth
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Students
  • Other Wikimedians
  • Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Librarians
  • Other (please specify)

Which of the following problems have affected events you've organized or participated in?

  • Editors had trouble creating accounts
  • Editors had trouble joining the event on the Dashboard
  • The Dashboard did not track all the edits that were part of the event
  • The Dashboard included some edits that were not part of the event
  • Dashboard statistics were not updated quickly enough
  • Dashboard statistics were not accurate
  • Dashboard statistics didn't make sense
  • The Dashboard website was down
  • The Dashboard website loaded too slowly
  • The interface wasn't completely translated in my language
  • The interface was incorrectly translated in my language
  • Other

(optional followup) Additional details about problems you've encountered

For the Wikimedia events you organize or participate in, how much of a challenge or problem are each of these? (1 is not a problem, 5 is a major problem.)


[options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, "I don't know"]

  • advertising the event / finding participants
  • registering large numbers of new accounts
  • collecting usernames
  • collecting additional information from participants
  • helping newcomers feel connected to a community
  • training new users
  • keeping track of editing during the event
  • on-wiki problems (conflict with other editors, deletion nominations, etc.)
  • contacting participants during events
  • sharing success stories
  • finding / collecting all the required metrics
  • reporting back to WMF or other funders
  • retaining participants after the event

Have you used the Dashboard to share statistics or grant metrics with Wikimedia Foundation, partners, or other organizations?


(The following 2 questions will only be included for those who answer 'yes'.)

Which metrics and edit tracking tools have you used other than the Dashboard (e.g., Event Metrics, Fountain)?


[optional followup] Why did you choose to choose the Dashboard instead of these other tools?

How often do you use the Dashboard to track metrics for your programs / events?

  • I use it for all events
  • I use it for most events
  • I use it for some events
  • I use it very rarely

For events where you don't use the Dashboard to track metrics (if any), why not?

  • It doesn't track the relevant data
  • It is too complicated to set up a page
  • I have another tracking system that works better
  • I don't need to track any metrics
  • Other (specify below)

Any other ideas for improving the Dashboard? Comments? Questions?


If you're open to follow-up from Wiki Education or Wikimedia Foundation staff, please leave your username and tell us about yourself and how you use the Dashboard

  • Contact me if you have questions about my survey responses
  • You can quote my responses publicly
  • I'm open to a follow-up interview about my program organizing needs or Dashboard ideas

[optional] Who are you, what is is your role in the Wikimedia movement, and what kinds of events do you want to use the Dashboard for?