Press release logbook/PR-1M-EN

This logbook is for recording to whom you have sent or intend to send this press release. Please list press contacts and organizations below. Update the list before sending (noting you will send it), afterwards (with a date), and after publication (with a link if available).

This lobgook is for the 3/2006 "1 million English Wikipedia articles" (text only) press release.
For English-language press releases, see the English log

Global news agencies edit

Please note which language(s) you sent to each of these agencies. Doublecheck with the specific language subpage for the language you are sending out to see whether these global groups have been included there as well.

Media by language edit

For languages contacting more than 10 press releases Available languages:

English edit

Slovenščina edit

Srpski edit

(For more Spanish contacts, see also this list from 2004)

All other languages, by region edit

Media not in one of the above languages. if only sending to a few outlets in the target language, list them here; else create a separate page by language. Please note the language in question in the combined list below.

When a press contact or organization has been contacted, please put your name and timestamp, and method of contact (e-mail, web form, mail, etc.) so someone else does not also contact that person/group.

Africa edit

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Europe edit

Netherlands edit

ANP, by email, Effeietsanders 17:41, 2 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]

  • I have always send all pressreleases of nl:wikipedia and international ones in Dutch. I will do it again today. It will be between 50-100 addresses depending on my time. I will make a list whom I send it to and mail that to User:Amgine. Because of privacyconcerns I do not want to publish on a publically accessible website. Waerth 18:04, 2 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Slovenia edit

see the sepearate Slovenščina log | Slovenščina press release

UK edit

North America edit

Canada edit

Alberta = edit
British Columbia edit
Ontario edit
  • Global TV
  • Citytv Toronto
    • Emailed David Onley, slight possibility of mention in next Wed's broadcast of Home Page. -- user:zanimum
  • CTV
Quebec edit

United States edit