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Criteria for images


The files have been chosen according to the following criteria :

  1. The image is high-quality (obviously). See commons:Commons:Featured pictures.
  2. The image is PD : we can't cite authors on this type of document. See commons:Category:Public domain.
  3. The image is in a 2x3 format or can be cropped to this format without witiating the image quality. We can also try 1x1 (square) format.
  4. If possible, the image has been taken by a Wikimedia user. See commons:Category:PD-user.
  5. The image is simple and the subject is easily identifiable (the pictures will be in a small size).

Tool to browse images in a category with a given license : MediaSearch.

Selecting a clever sample


Among the images meeting all these criteria, we need to select 3 or 4 different images depicting faithfully what people can find on Commons.

  • Examples :

Existing documents


See also commons:Image:Commons promo booklet.sxw