Possible cooperation areas for European Wikimedia chapters

To a large extent Wikimedia chapters are working in similar ways and have similar needs. In some areas it might be possible to coordinate investments, hires etc. There are many added benefits from working together and achieving economy of scale by doing this. This is also something that could be added in EU funding opportunities. There were some discussions about this at Wikimania 2014 in London, and this here is the first draft based on that. Please add your own ideas below!

Purchases edit

  • Ordering brochures at the same time. Even though the main cost is for setting it up, a big customer often receives a better price and we could find a cheap country to order from. Problem: Might be bad for the environment to ship it.
  • Ordering PR-material with the logo such as pens, stickers etc.
  • Ordering office equipment such as laptops, keyboards, etc.

Joint hires of staff between chapters edit

  • Writing EU applications (a.k.a. the position of Nicola Zeuner at WMDE)
  • Lobbying efforts (a.k.a. Dimi at WMDE)

Collaborative projects edit

  • Writing booklets, policy papers, guidance and other materials which can be translated and disseminated locally
  • Co-ordination of local / national activity to maximise exposure and awareness

Shared Learning edit

  • Develop Learning Patterns on topics such as fundraising, advocacy