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Philosophy of Blocking

Why it happens that some members of Wikipedia blocked indefinitely?Edit

While Wikipedia has a certain uniqueness, it falls into the category of voluntary community organizations to self-government. Do not think that the Wikipedia community in the sense of something unique or presents (must be) some kind of ideal (close to ideal) organization. Classic socio-political organizations (excluding the already obvious political games that have gone in the second half of the twentieth century) were built and in some places still are built on one principle: people going to certain idea, made by leaders say the goal, come the election. Next is the internal struggle for the nuances of ideas, as well as external - for the promotion of this idea in the world. The idea of Wikipedia is clearly articulated in different languages: the creation of the encyclopedia, and is expressed in VP:CHNYAV and VP:5C.

The fact that Wikipedia - a virtual community, little has changed: clearly visible are the same social processes that are in the real world. Although the internal stress of Wikipedia is much lower than in, say, political parties, different people come to Wikipedia with a wide variety of purposes. For example, to write that one nation is much better than another, or that the Russian is best of all, or write some stuff about the adherents of any religion or sexual orientation. It came to just write, write, and write in the forums on the topics that someone clinging to distract from the work (trolling), came here for love, thirst for potsapatsya for kaming-out, with the opportunity to talk about all the time sex, confusing others, and for many others, does not lead to the creation of the encyclopedia.

Do not exist in the world such a public organization (except, of course, that is not received, or deceased too early), which would not have dealt with the issue of their exclusion from the ranks of some of its members (participants), if they violate the Idea of those organizations. Any organism, living or cultural, in order to preserve itself, it is necessary to preserve its borders. If a living organism or a culture ceases to protect its borders, he dies. As our immune system rejects foreign bodies while working, and the community must protect your Idea, but may, on its attempt to separate, divide, overwind etc. If you do not protect the Idea itself, it will be another Idea.

Organism without borders or «soft» borders is an amorphous structure, which loses a lot as a whole for the loss of connectivity. Unscrupulousness in the criteria for acceptance into their ranks is considered one of the signs of dying.

When the blocking is not necessaryEdit

There are cases when a user seriously annoys the other requirement to review the various rules. That behavior is often also seen as trolling. However, criticism of any rules of Wikipedia, attempting to challenge any rules that are not directly related to the Idea (that is, that we write exactly the encyclopedia), as well as any action aimed at improving the encyclopedia, should not be tolerated. This is reflected in one of the most important rules of VP:EMU. Quite the contrary, if around the internal rules of Wikipedia ulyagutsya all passions, then it will be a sign of stagnation or dying in the community.

There are cases when someone violates the rules not because of intent, but from the misconceptions. In this situation, should not rush to block, but should strictly comply with the VP:PDN until it becomes clear that the user acting maliciously and / or using VP:PDN for speculation about his actions. The question of how much effort is required to spend at the persuasions of a user, sometimes controversial. Usually, it's allowed of course: while the participants remain moral force in the negotiations, are attempting to dialogue when the patient community to burst, the violator goes to block.

Finally, if a user simply disagrees with the VP:CHNYAV or VP:5C - it is also, of course, still no reason for blocking. Reason for blocking occurs only when a user commits an act in Wikipedia or on the external resources that are clearly directed against the VP:CHNYAV and VP:5C, and commits them, despite reasonable attempts to persuade him not to do so.

Complicated casesEdit

In complex cases, the decision to indefinitely lock adopted or the Arbitration Committee, either by consensus or a community of administrators, which is useful to evaluate the contribution of user, if it exists, and the harm that this user has caused by his actions.

Question about the block user or not, is particularly acute if the participant has a useful contribution. In assessing the situation should be taken into account the fact that if you stop to protect the borders the idea of Wikipedia will die. In other words, if instead of the existing order set up «Here, let's stay together at any cost», then this idea will be the price of Wikipedia. Of course, the people who come here from other purposes and who have enough perseverance to «fight» until «bessrochki» (undef block), does not like the protection of these borders. They will calle the protection of these borders «totalitarian system», «shooting» and use various other strong analogy. Do not give in to them, because the user remains blocked alive, and he just should stop trying to change under a Wikipedia in a way that threatens to undermine its basic principles. Such a user has freedom to switch to another online project, which is closer in spirit to himself, or create your own project.

There are situations where the user attempting to back the borders of Wikipedia, has a support group, which threatened to leave Wikipedia with him. If possible, should avoid actions which might cause a split of the community, but care a small group of participants in such a situation for any organization is a natural event which has a much more beneficial for the community and its development, than the preservation of his body alien units.

Sometimes there are even situations where an experienced and respected participant of the project may suggest that he has any right to violate the VP: CHNYAV and VP: 5C in conjunction with their high status. It should also be borne in mind that the stagnation of the leaders (3 years and over), idealization of history and somebody's past achievements, as well as increasing the number of «honorary member» with some privileges - all of this is also the signs of Organization'n dying. Alive organization, which continues its development, must pass through the so-called «riots», related to the nomination of new leaders. Thus the figures that have historical merit, but also impede the further development of the project, too, must naturally go off.

Examples of systematic violationsEdit

Unblocking blocked indefinitelyEdit

Of paramount importance was the user's reaction to the situation. It should be understood that the lock - not a punishment but a means to protect the project. Therefore, if the situation changes, and community member gives a clear signal that he is ready to return, stopping the destructive behavior, blocking useful gradually withdraw.