Parliamentary Wiki Day/Canberra


Still open. A possibility is May 2012, which is Information Awareness month.

The eventEdit

Best to split in two parts.

#1: Info sessionEdit

"engaging the community for better policy outcomes." Wikis, social media. Location: At APH, and free. Who: Higher level people. Aim at politicians but also invite high level department people. Run before parliament, 8am.

#2: Multiple sessions, same day.Edit

Location: Probably better to be out of APH, to get wifi and to have the option of charging a fee. Who: Implementers, people responsible for the community engagement stuff & social media; staffers. (Govt people only, unless invited? Govt people will be more comfortable if there are limits to who is there?)

Format ideas for #2Edit

  • 2 hr on a topic - cultural institutions, parliament...
  • 20 mins at beginning for talks, can be streamed. The rest is private and hands-on.
  • We know someone in parliament who could stream and store talks.


Venue for first partEdit

APH, where?

Venue for second partEdit

  • Not Parliament itself - perceived as having political alignment.
  • ANU?
  • Agimo?



  • Catering isn't essential (but set expectation correctly)
  • BYO food, or
  • Modest charge for food - see below.


  • Free may look like it's not serious. Possibly some free public sessions later or on a different day?
  • Say (guessing) $100 per session or $200 for the day, to cover catering, costs & time. (Too expensive -> wrong crowd.) People could ask for their training budget to be used, or petty cash.

Random stuffEdit

Talk to:

  • Gov2 govdex group. Craig Thomler or someone
  • Gov2 google group
  • NLA/Nat archives
  • Liam Wyatt: excellent GLAM connections, run a session on wiki for cultural institutions.
  • James Dellow from HeadShift. @chieftech. May like to do a primer on engaging with community. Has worked with govt a lot.
  • Invite Qld police online communications person, James Kliemt - could talk on emergency management & social media.
  • Steve Collins aka @trib
  • Minister Gary Gray
  • Office of the information commissioner - relates to public access. Pitch: integrating wikis into the FOI process - becoming public. Non-public-editable, but gives ease of collaborative editing between govt depts.
  • Federated social web tools for government intranets [my idea - didn't talk about it with our friend.]


Follow-up eventsEdit

A wiki and Gov2.0 focused BarCamp, for the weekend following, or an evening? This gives parliamentarians an introduction to the concepts first, with the opportunity of engaging in a public event soon afterwards.