The following page and revision information is available in XML format in the XML/sql dumps. For the xml schema, see the appropriate version of the export xsd.

Page metadata

  • Title of the page
  • Namespace of the page
  • Page id (for old versions these are shown in the URLs of page history links)
  • If the page is a redirect, the title of the redirect

The entire page table dump is also available; see Database tables for more information about it.

Revision metadata

  • Id of the revision
  • If the edit was marked as a 'minor' revision by the editor
  • Date and time the edit was made
  • Username and user id, or IP address of the editor
  • Comment left by the editor when the edit was saved
  • Length in bytes of the revision content
  • Sha1 sum of the revision content
  • Revision id of the previous (parent) revision
  • Content model of the revision (is it wikitext? json?)
  • Content format of the revision

Additionally the id of the related entry in the text table is provided.



In content dumps, almost all of the same metadata is provided, and the full content of included revisions is also written.

Not available in the XML files


Other metadata about a page is available in the aforementioned page table dump only, and includes:

  • If the page is protected
  • Whether the page is newly created or has more than one revision
  • Id of the most recent revision of the page
  • Length in bytes of the content
  • Content model of the page
  • Content language of the page

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See en:Wikipedia:Edit summary#Places where the edit summary appears for lists of edit metadata.

For details see the documentation of the MediaWiki database.

See also mw:Help:export, RDF metadata