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Basic informationEdit

All press contacts should be prepared to answer questions such as these.

About WikipediaEdit

How many articles?

How many admins?

How many users? (Active)

How long has Wikipedia been around?

How do you deal with vandalism?

How do you deal with people adding false information?

How do you ensure the reliability of the information in Wikipedia?

What do you do about people trying to edit their own information?

How popular are you? (Always check the day's Alexa rating beforehand!)

Personal questionsEdit

Obviously, there are no stock answers to these, but be prepared to answer them!

How did you start editing Wikipedia?

Why do you enjoy editing Wikipedia?

What do you do on the site/what sorts of articles do you edit?

What are some articles you've written?

How much time do you spend on Wikipedia?

Where there any defining moments/edits for you on Wikipedia?


Nature and Encyclopedia BritannicaEdit

  • Q: When was the original report published?
  • A: December 14, 2005.
  • Q: How many errors were found in each?
  • A: EB, 123 errors; Wikipedia had 162 (for averages of 2.9 and 3.9 errors per article)
  • Q: Were the errors made public?
  • A: On December 22, the list of specific alleged errors was made available to Wikipedia.
  • Q: Have the errors been corrected in WP? How long did it take?
  • A: By January 25, 2006, All reported errors had been corrected.
  • Q: Does Wikipedia have a response to Britannica's statement?
  • A: No, we're not planning an official response. (Is this correct?) (To make clear: that we're not out to knock or fight with Britannica!)

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