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Oversight policy/Requests for oversight

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This page centralises the contact details for oversighters across all Wikimedia wikis. For wikis with local oversighters, please contact them privately. For wikis without local oversighters, please contact stewards privately.

Please do not post your request publicly.

All Wikimedia wikis

  • Stewards can grant themselves temporary oversight access on individual wikis when needed.
  • Please check if the wiki has their own local oversighters before approaching a steward; the list is below.
  • Please do not put your request on the wiki or broadcast it on the public IRC channel. All requests should be made privately.
  • Ombudsmen have the technical ability to view suppressed revisions.


  • Users can contact stewards in the IRC channel #wikimedia-stewardsconnect. Please ask for a steward in the channel, then make your request in a private message to that steward. Do not broadcast the request in the public channel. In emergencies, type !steward in the channel to get the attention of stewards.


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