Outreach to the developing world

Some ideas generated from the discussion at Jimbo's presentation at Harvard Law School on April 26, 2005:


  • Provide content to the illiterate: audio versions in their language
    • Provide ways for the illiterate to contribute...
  • Provide ways to request articles by phone
    • Ways to contribute by phone?
    • Cf. the Blogger phone-blogging tool, where visitors come by and

transcribe audio-posts

  • Provide ways for those without computers to request articles / have

access to key content / contribute

    • Ditto for those with computers but no 'net connection; make as

compatible as possible with all machines


- what about people without computer access in this country? starting with ways to help underfunded schools here with empty libraries

- heard about children's book project; where is it at? who is it for? [wikijunior]