Order of Just Wikipedians

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I, Pro Scientia, hereby establish the Order of Just Wikipedians. Some Wikipedians are not 'Deletionists', they are not 'Inclusionists', 'Structurists', 'Mergists', 'Exclusionists', or any other kind of '...ists'. Some are just normal wikipedians who edit as they see fit. These are the Order of Just Wikipedians. The motto of the order of just wikipedians is tantum recensere or just edit ('just' in the same sense as 'only' 'exclusively').

President, General Secretary, Chief Executive Officer, Mega-DirectorEdit

Common Sense

Founder, Under President, Under General Secretary, Under Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Mega Director, Indefinite Acting Chair of the Board...Edit

Pro Scientia

Next ElectionEdit

No Thank You

Board MembersEdit



Pillar One: Common SenseEdit

I don't need to be a deletionist to delete an article, I don't need to be a revisionist to revise an article, I choose to do what I deem necessary at the time.

Pillar Two: NeutralityEdit

Not wikipedia neutral, stay neutral about all the associations. We, the order, are the only ones you can truly trust. We don't want to control you.

Pillar Three: Universal MembershipEdit

If you are not in an association then ipso facto you are just a wikipedian. There is no escape. Add your name. One of us, one of us.

Pillar Four: WP:BOLDEdit

Do what you think is right even if you might be wrong. What's the worst that could happen.

The Six Pillars of Just Wikipedians.

Pillar Five: Someone Will Fix ItEdit

Leading on from the last pillar, if you are wrong the editing community is so big, someone will come along and fix it. Wikipedia was never supposed to be perfect but it is self-regulating. Also, feeding back to the last pillar, be the one who fixes it, contribute to the cycle.

Pillar Six: Ignore all the pillars.Edit

If you really have been reading closely, ignore the pillars. Dont listen to me, or anyone else when deciding to edit. You are a wikipedian, not a philosophy.


Supreme Star of The Order of Just Wikipedians

Grand Star of The Order of Just Wikipedians

Star of The Order of Just Wikipedians

OJW Grand Sixth Pillar Award

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Add your name or don't, I doesn't matter.

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